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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. First and foremost.... this absolutely gorgeous day!! I just got home from work and am actually sitting on my back porch/deck/slab of concrete enjoying the weather. A porch/deck/slab of concrete that was covered in ice just a week ago. I've never been so happy in all my days to feel such nice weather.

Too bad it will all be over tomorrow.

2. The list of running races being held in South Carolina this year. I'm like a kid in a candy store... which ones will I do? which ones should I do? Am I really ready to start running races? And really it is all about the t-shirts. I ruined all of mine during the "dream home renovation" that spanned for several years. And I may have spilled some tea on a few. So, it is about time that I start replenishing my collection. And, of course, there are some great causes to be supported.

Who is up for a race with me? FYI- I may or may not run with a fanny pack.

3. La Croix.

Have you even heard of it? It is a carbonated water drink. They had them on sale at Publix a couple of weeks ago. So, I bought some of course. Sale=get in my cart. But the issue is that I detest carbonated water! DETEST. Or at least I thought I did. My one and only experience with it was at an upscale restaurant in Disney World. We were trying to be fancy. Kev and me. And I'm sure that you can guess how that turned out.

Let's just say that we had been sitting by the pool the entire day and were a tad bit dehydrated. And carbonated water does not seem to quench the thirst. And upscale restaurants tend to make us sweat. And fear for our lives. So, long story short...... We were SO thirsty that we... well, we got grumpy. Which is unfortunate when you are on vacation.

And that is why I have never had carbonation again.

Until now. Because I figured that the taste would replace my love for Diet Dr. Pepper. Something that I am obsessed with. But trying to stop to being obsessed with. Do to the unhealthiness of soda.

And I figured that I do drink some pretty insane liquids after all...

Like FOUR family bags of tea + TWO cups of water. It is called "mud tea" around these parts. It is strong. It is harsh. It will grow hair on your chest.

I've got proof.

If I can drink that.... what is a little carbonated water. With lemon flavoring....

It has done the trick. I haven't had a Diet Dr. Pepper in a couple of weeks. The exact same amount of time since I bought La Croix. Interesting coincidence!?

4. My dinner plans for the month of February. There is a LOT going on if you don't already know. And I've got lists. And plans. And enough excitement to fill the state of Texas. ( whatever that means) And I will just go ahead and let you know that a trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods is in the plans.

It has to be. For the celebrations to be a success.

5. How completely and utterly sore my legs are from doing Body Pump on Friday. I haven't lifted weights in a while now.... ( shame on me) and it "hurt so good" ala John Cougar Mellancamp.

I have got to work that in to my routine more. For my jiggly parts sake.

6. And just because it has brightened my whole day.... I have to mention the GOR-GE-OUS weather we have had- AGAIN. Awesome!

I'm looking forward to a week full of food and fun... with a side of workout. Hope you have all had a great weekend!

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  1. I'd consider running a race with you for sure!
    Although I'm gonna stay steady at a nice slow pace to make sure I cross the finish still standing up instead of doubled over & wheezing.
    And if you want some company for the car ride/shopping trip to Trader Joes & Whole Foods then girlfriend I am ALWAYS down.