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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Empty Promises, Bob Villa, and Root Vegetables

If that title isn't a casserole full of random - I don't know what is.

But I have a reason for it. And hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

You see, back during the times of "Kim may or may not post at some point this month" I would make lots of promises. I would promise to tell you a story. Or a recipe. Or show you a picture of something.

And then I would fail to post for a week and would move on with my life and just leave you hanging.

Except for no one has ever complained or questioned my sanity. You have just moved on right along with me and have forgotten those promises.

I just spent an hour reading back through some older posts. Looking through pictures. And deleting posts that I started and never finished.

And right now is one of those times when I wish I was wearing my hat.

But never fear. Because my resolutions are holding tight. And I plan to keep my word this year. And keep up with the posting. And not make any more promises that I don't plan to keep.

Except for the promise I made to Kev yesterday to put away the piles of clean laundry I have accumulated in the laundry room.

We both knew that was never going to happen.

Anyway, I have a story to tell you about Kev. aka Bob Villa. Or aka Ty Pennington. ( I gave two aka choices depending on your age)

AND I can't believe it has taken me so long to tell you about this!

Kev/Bob/Ty built an actual piece of furniture for our home! Like a REAL GROWN UP USEABLE piece that is NOT a speaker stand or a plant stand or a step stool.

( Not that there is anything wrong with building those things)

And it all came about after we spent months looking for a tv stand/credenza for our "entertainment/Gamecock room". Kev had a certain idea in mind and couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Or if we did, it cost a fortune.

So, he did what any guy with a garage, a saw, and a piece of sandpaper would do.

He designed and built this....

Isn't she a beauty!!

I was SO proud! Like jumping up and down screaming proud! And then I may have begged for a dining room table, a cabinet for my dishes, and a dollhouse complete with tiny furniture.

I am married to a furniture builder.

That is cause for a celebration!

A furniture builder was the only thing on my list that I let slide. My wish list titled "My Dream Husband". He had met every other wish so I decided to count the speaker stands. Like any proper 80's girl would do.

But now my list is really complete. Not that I didn't already think Kev is the bees knees.

So, I joined in on the fun. And painted it black. To match the decor.

And it works perfectly in the room. And gives our tv plenty of room to grow.

This table will be forever special to me because of the love that went in to making it. And let me just tell you that this picture doesn't do it justice. It is FABULOUS in person!

And now for a recipe. For root vegetables.....

I got this recipe from Tina's blog: Carrots N' Cake.

It is sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots and shallots. Drizzled with olive oil and honey. Salt and pepper. And then roasted in the oven.

SOOOO YUMMY!! They really tasted amazing.

Served with a baked pork chop....

And a huge side salad. Light. Healthy. Tasty.

And delicious again for lunch the next day.

Now if I could just pull together that Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom post that I promised you. Then I think we would be all right again.

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