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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perfect Portions

I went to yoga yesterday.

And I have officially named it my new favorite class.

Out loud. To any one that would care to listen. Which means my favorite snow couple
and the lady bugs that will NOT get out of my bathroom got an ear full.

Oh. And then of course YOU know because I only write about it every other day.

I literally roll in to class like a hard shelled roly poly. Sore, achy, hunched over. And after an hour, I walk out (up right!) like a graceful swan.

Ok. Maybe graceful is not the right adjective for me. More like a swan that has seen better days... but still a swan. With a hard shell.

That makes lots of sense. But not really.

And not only do I feel so incredible after all of that stretching, lengthening, and balancing. But the meditation is the best part.... in my opinion. I can't tell you enough how peaceful it makes me feel.

I lay there with my eyes closed and forget about work, to-do lists, bills, and drama. And think about sitting on the balcony of the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park watching the sunset. It is my dream vacation. In case you were wondering.

And then some times I might think about double-the-marshmallow rice krispie treats.

It just depends on my mood. And hunger level.

Regardless, I think every one should do yoga. It would make the world such a happier place.

On another note, I felt the need to share with you this bowl.

Because it is only the greatest perfectly portioned meal holder for those of us on the go.
Wow. A "perfectly portioned meal holder". I can't believe that I don't have a job in marketing with titles like that.
I got a set of these bowls for Christmas in our Switzer family name drawing extravaganza. My sister, Holly, drew my name.
And I fist pumped the air when I found out. Because she not only has a similar love for cooking and good food... but she is a great gift giver. And I couldn't wait to see what she came up with.
Side note: Holly is the sister who lives close to D.C. I have never been to visit. Because I am lame. And now she is moving to Alaska. And you all know how I feel about the cold weather. And igloos. Which means I think her moving there is ridiculous. The End.
When we do our name drawing, we are able to put three things down on the paper that we would like to receive. That way the giver has an easier job and the receiver is happy. And all is right with the world.
So, my list had on it...... Bowls with handles.
It makes them easier to hold when driving.
Pretend I didn't just type that.
Well, Holly not only got me bowls. But they have LIDS.
Lids for bowls is like better than a grilled cheese sandwich.
As painful as that sentence sounds - it is the truth for some one like me who cooks a lot, eats a lot, and packs lunches A LOT.
So, you better believe that these delights have come in handy.
Like when I make oatmeal for breakfast. I can make a big batch. Separate it out in to four servings. And then for FOUR mornings in a row - I can eat a batch of oatmeal on my way to work.
Or then there is the vegetable chili I made last week...

I portioned it out. Put some toppings on. And wah-la ( I just spelled that word the way it sounds) I have my lunches ready for a couple of days.
She also got me some amazing looking soup mixes from Whole Foods (best store ever). Every week I put them on my menu and every week they get bumped due to an abundance of leftovers. I keep putting them on a night where I will get home late - so, I'm just going to have to schedule them in on a regular day. Because I have to try them SOON!! I LOVE fun soups!
And bowls with lids!
(The eighteen year old me would have cringed at the thought that one day I would be writing a story about soup, handled bowls, and yoga.) ( It's a good thing she has never met the current me a la Back to the Future)
And just because I need this post to be about one more thing. I want to let every one out there know ( if you didn't already) that PLAIN Greek Yogurt DOES taste very similar to sour cream. It is just much healthier. I had been anxious to try it for a while now because I love sour cream so much that I use it as a hand lotion. But I didn't love the non healthy ingredients. So, I put some on my chili. In my special bowl....

And all was right with the world. Again.

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