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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Good Ride

I went to bed Sunday night feeling excited. Excited for the New Year. Excited for my resolutions. Excited for things to come.

But then I didn't sleep. AT ALL.

And I got out of bed Monday morning feeling like this....

Exhausted from all the mind racing thoughts, the merriment, and the food from the day before.

And Monday was supposed to be my kickoff to my health and fitness goals. I realized that it was going to be a rough day.

Normally, I would acknowledge my exhaustion by deciding then and there that I would just "work out tomorrow".

But, luckily for me, my "over" planning paid off. My meals were already prepared and packed. My gym clothes were sitting in a bag by the door. My extremely caffeinated tea was in my hand.

I was going to stick to my plan if it killed me. Except for maybe I did decide to change it a little.... to help with the fact that I hadn't been to the gym in a week... (or two)... and that I hadn't been eating right all weekend, and of course, because I didn't get any sleep.

So, two intense classes turned in to one "easier" spin class. I say "easier" because this particular Monday night class is not my fave. I call it the "yoga spin" because the instructor tries too hard to keep you relaxed and not focused on the task at hand. And when I go to ride - I GO TO RIDE.

Regardless, I felt like this was the best way to get back in to things.

And so did every one else in the city of Columbia. The gym was PACKED. Like drive around for fifteen minutes looking for a parking place packed.

I also got one of the last bikes in the class. A class that I can usually run in at the last minute and have multiple bikes to choose from. And there was still 20 minutes before the class began.

I have to say it is so great to see so many people starting their year off in a healthy way! Even if my strategically planned out schedule might be a little challenged by the crowds.

And then much to my delight - the class was AMAZING! Fantastic music, fantastic challenges, and fantastic motivation.

I left sweaty and sore and satisfied.

And rejuvenated my body with my new favorite - The Green Monster.

Kev gave it a thumbs up and said it tasted just like a banana smoothie. ( I told you so!)

And then just when I thought that my Christmas gift was a not so good gift... Kev made himself a ham and pepper jack panini....

And declared it out of this world....

Good to know. I guess I can give the panini maker another chance.
And now Kev has the incredible task of finishing ALL of the leftovers from this past holiday weekend. I cooked. I cooked a lot. And I will tell you all about it. Some day. But for now I am trying to come up with new creative ways to present it to him. Perhaps smashing every thing between two pieces of bread will do.
And now - just in case you are still thinking about your resolutions/goals for the year.. Here is a very interesting and helpful post about how to make your goals reality....

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