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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pick A Pickled Pepper

I took the best class yesterday. It was a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. If you think your body doesn't need these things - then you are wrong.


I seriously felt like a million bucks after I left the class. And went on to be SO productive for the rest of the day.

I laughed to myself a little bit during the class over all the silly anxiety I go through before going to the gym.

Things like:

1. What kind of panty line do I have?

2. Will the person behind me be able to see it if I bend over? ( and then I will test it out in the mirror)

3. What if a guy is behind me?

4. My toe nail polish is chipped. Will I be ridiculed?

5. What if there is a boogeyman hiding behind my shower curtain? ( I think this constantly)

6. Will some one stare at my baby toes and wonder why they turn the opposite direction from the rest of my toes due to an abusive relationship with high heels?

7. What will I eat for lunch?

8. What if I can't do it?

9. What if Kev sees the nail polish that I spilled on the floor while frantically trying to paint my toes?

And then I get to the class and no one cares how I'm dressed. No one cares what I do. Every one is there for the same reason - to get in shape/stay healthy - so they support each other. And specifically to this class.... the lights were off. And the instructor was standing under a spot light - so, it pretty much felt like it was just her and me.

And I wasted all that time on negativity for nothing.

Except the boogeyman part. Because it is always good to have some level of concern over that kind of thing. It keeps you on your toes.

The class went by so fast. I never looked at the clock. I never wondered to myself if it was almost over. I just loved every minute.

And I sweated. A ton. Which is something I never thought I would do. Just because I usually "measure" the success of my workouts by sweat. And this type of class looked so peaceful and easy. Peaceful - YES. Easy- not at all. In fact, I actually let out some groans during some of the positions. And I am thankful that that is all I let out.

Then the meditation came. I closed my eyes and ears off to the rest of the world. And rested. When the class ended, I actually had tears in my eyes. Like any negativity or stress was escaping.

I must go to this class EVERY week. My sanity and my flexibility and my hunchback depend on it!

I'm tired of my full body profile looking like a question mark.

And now on to the "pickled pepper" part of the post. ( say that fast with 10 saltine crackers in your mouth)

To continue our Asian inspired food fest.... I chose a cole slaw recipe from Paula Deen. And yes, I'm just surprised as you are that she actually has some healthy recipes.

It was called "Peppery Cole Slaw" - and the Asian ingredient was this delightful oil...

Hot Chili Sesame Oil.
This was my first time purchasing this. And boy, does it have a kick to it! It definitely made the salad.
In case you were wondering what else went in to the "Peppery Cole Slaw" slaw. Well, it was PEPPERS.
Lots and Lots of them....
So, the "slaw" consisted of cabbage and carrots ( I used a premade slaw mix) and red, green, poblano, and jalapeno peppers. Cut in strips. I threw the seeds in for good measure. Then you make the "dressing" with the hot chili oil, fresh orange juice, orange zest, dijon mustard, and olive oil.
Toss it all together. And then grab the biggest water bottle you can find because your mouth is going to catch on fire all the live long day!!
But it was just the way I like my food! The same way I like my curling iron. The hotter the better. ;)
It would make a great side to burgers or steak. But seeing is how I had neither available. I just ate a big bowl of it for lunch. And even threw some on my tuna sandwich that I had for dinner.
And now I need to go blow my nose... as my sinuses have been cleaned out for the rest of my life.

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