The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cuban Revolution

Don't be alarmed!

This post is pretty much all about food. 

I don't have the energy or brain power at the moment to talk about serious worldly subjects.

The Cuban Revolution was a place I experienced in Durham, NC. 

And it was pretty much the highlight of my trip!

But before I tell you about it....I need to tell you about my day.

Because it has been pretty awesome.

In a Snyder kind of way.

I started off by going to the gym.  I got there at 8am.  After not getting much sleep in the past week.

And last night was no exception.

I deliriously typed a blog post.  One that I had to go back and read today to even know what I posted.

I tossed and turned in the night. 

And then dutifully went to the gym.

Today was launch day.  And that means that they ( the gym people) reveal all the new classes.  And all the new music.  And anyone who is anyone attends.

Except for that I usually don't.  So, I don't know why I said that.

It is usually crowded.  Not to mention that I work most Saturdays.

But this one just worked out for me.

So, I took a step class.  And then a spin class.  ( My THREE hour spin class for charity is NEXT Sat!) And then exhaustedly (hope that is a word) crawled out the door.

After all of that, I still wasn't completely awake.  But I felt better.  And was happy to be sweaty.

Even though I spent most of the week that way.

I grocery shopped.  And fixed lunch.  And took a LONG nap.

And now I am eating pistachios and watching Kev clean the grill... for our upcoming dinner.  That involves something new (to us). 

But besides every thing else that is going on.. I can't seem to get the Cuban Revolution out of my head.


I went to Durham with two friends.  And I went to help out a friend.  Who just happens to be best friends with an old friend of mine.

So that is four friends in the same place.

Hopefully that all just made sense.

The last time I was there, I was on "the cleanse".  And I pretty much experienced NOTHING. 

Except for beans.  And carrots.

This time it was all about the food.  Within reason.  Of course.

And just so you know... my passion and obsession for food is a little embarrassing most of the time.  Kev gets me.  But some times that is about it.  So, it was refreshing for me to get to hang out with people that love food too.  Even if they were just saying that to make me feel better.

The two friends of mine who live there suggested that we go to a place called The Cuban Revolution.  Located in the Tobacco District.

I was up for anything.  As long as it didn't include cleaning.  Climbing ladders.  And throwing away heavy trash.

Except for I had never had Cuban food.  I had no idea what to expect.

The closest I had ever come to it is when I researched Gloria Estefan's Cuban restaurant in Orlando.  But when you are in Orlando for a short time and are unfamiliar with a certain type of food... you usually opt for what you know.

Which is anything with cheese, guacamole, and margaritas.

So, I went in to this adventure blindly.  But with more excitement than is customary for going to a restaurant for the first time.

I'm not that familiar with the Durham area... but where we ate seemed to be the coolest spot in the city.

It was outdoors.  Covered in white lights.  With great music.  And atmosphere.

I wanted to move there.  Forever.

The menu said that the food was Mexican and Caribbean inspired.

Luckily, I love both of those "inspirations".

I opted to experience as much as I could.  Without getting so full that I fell in to a coma.

It is a goal of mine these days.

So, I went with the Cuban sampler.
(sorry, picture taken by phone)

It had the following:  Yuca fries, tostones, maduros, and ham croquettes.  With an AMAZING chimichurri sauce to dip every thing in.

My dream come true!

The yuca fries were similar to the parsnip fries that I make.  The tostones were friend plantains ( a type of banana).  The maduros were similar to a potato chip - but thicker.  And the ham croquettes were fried bites of ham and cheese.

My eyes just rolled in to the back of my head as I typed all of that.

And not because I am possessed.

Because it was just that good.

I mean... fried bananas.  What is not to love? 

Every thing was exceptional.

But true to form... I didn't stop there.  I also ordered an empanada (beef with raisins) and mango salsa with chips.

I was in Cuban food heaven.

A place I hope to visit again.

It was SO good.  And every single bite was amazing!

They were even teaching salsa dancing lessons there.  Because it was just that cool of a place.

And I decided that I wanted to move there a.s.a.p.

Except for Kev would probably never go for it.  Unless, I drugged him and loaded our house up on a truck. 

Not only was the food and atmosphere great... but so was the company!  I loved spending time with friends!!

It was the best part of the week!

And just in case you are in the Durham area... in need of a delicious, fun atmosphered meal... please check them out...

The Cuban Revolution.

It will be worth it!  And you will definitely thank me!

And now I just need to work on some recipes so Kev can experience the same thing I did.

Except for I don't think he would let me teach him the salsa. 

Maybe I should tell him that Cuban dance involves breakdancing.

That would definitely seal the deal.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Again. Home Again. Jiggety Jig

I'm finally home.

After a long week away.

And due to the fact that I am totally exhausted... and it is a necessity that I watch every single detail about the Royal Wedding.... I am forced to give you a recap in list form.

Even though "list form" is my favorite way to recap.

Because it is easy.  And doesn't require much thought.

Not that the majority of my posts require much thought....if I'm being totally honest.

But you already knew that.

So here goes...

1.  I have seventy eight bruises on my body  ( yes, I counted.), bags under my eyes that are the size of Texas, a sore back, and a cut on my finger.

Who knew that "just standing around folding sweaters" could be so dangerous.

2.  I missed my computer and my camera more than is normal. 

Especially after I experienced some amazing events that I wasn't able to document.

Yes, they all included food.

3.  I ate extremely well.  Like "head over heels" "I fell in love" and "proposed marriage to" well. 

Don't worry.  I will be telling you all about it.

4.  My workouts consisted of clinching my butt cheeks and hamstrings every time I stood back up after bending over to pick something up.  Like trash or clothing.

I also carried multiple heavy items around.  Climbed tall ladders.  Jogged up an escalator. Scrubbed floors on my hands and knees.

And lifted a fork to my mouth every five seconds.

5.  I laughed LOTS and then laughed some more.

6.  I sweated LOTS and then sweated some more.

7.  I didn't think that I needed to watch "The Wedding" until I saw it on the big screen in the hotel lobby this morning at 5:45am. 

And then I cried that I couldn't stay to watch.

And I cried that I was up and ready to go to work at 5:45 am.

Kev, luckily, recorded every thing that he could.  Now I can watch it at my leisure.  Especially since I am about to fall asleep.

8.  Even though it was a hard week.... I had such a great time with some amazing people!  And I'm so happy that I went.

9.  I have officially reached my limit of staying awake.  And due to the fact that I have an 8:15am class calling my name.... and the fact that I can't complete a sentence without stuttering and drooling... I must call it a night.

But I will be back before you know it.  To give you more details.  And to tell you how my body is healing. 

And now I'm off to dream about princesses, tiaras, weddings, and fairytale endings.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


My heart is so full.  My belly is even fuller.  I'm exhausted.

Those symptoms could only mean one thing.... I have had an absolutely wonderful day.

A day full of celebration and thankfulness!

It all started with a visit to church. 

In our Sunday best.  Our coordinated Sunday best.  A requirement for Easter. 

At least that is what I told Kev.

And he believed me. 

I think he secretly loves it.

After church, we had an invite to my sister's home for an Easter feast and an egg hunt.

Being invited to Shannon and Randy's is a guarantee for a fabulous afternoon.

And a promise for some good food.

(My left hand is still ON FIRE from all the jalapenos..... I apparently cannot learn my lesson)

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by this little pup... Lucy.

Little Abigail hasn't been the only baby welcomed to this family.  Their beagle, Little Bit, had five puppies recently...

We spent a lot of time playing with the pups and hanging out with family.

 And enjoying the beautiful weather.

The hosts.... Shannon and Randy..

Mom and Dad...

Sweet princess Abigail with her Daddy...
And then I pretty much stopped taking pictures.  For some unknown reason.  And the rest of the attendees are undocumented.

But just so you know.... Kev's parents, Randy's parents, and Randy's sister and family were also there.

We had the most delicious food.  And I ate more than my share.  Times one thousand.  I couldn't help myself. 

Right now I am feeling the same way I felt after the "great face stuffing incident at the Food and Wine Festival last October".

But it was worth it.  :)

After lunch the kids participated in an egg hunt.  Even little Abigail was able to find a couple of eggs with the help of her Dad. 

We left late in the day with our arms full of Easter treats.

And the need for a good long nap.

I've got a VERY loooonnnggg week ahead of me.  In Raleigh.  So, you may not be hearing from me that much.

I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. :)

But before I run off to pack.... I have to leave you with some pictures of our Easter outfits.... because I know that you are dying to see them.
See... my yellow flower matches Kev's yellow shirt.  We look like a Spring bouquet.

And then just because Kev claims that he smiles better when he stands up... I have another one....

We hope you all had an amazing Easter!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is on it's way...

You know it is almost Easter when:

1.  Your sink is piled SO high with dishes that you have at least three loads waiting to be washed.  And you have already run the dishwasher twice.

(Well, actually, that could be just about any day around here.)

2.  You have put a lot of thought in to what your husband is wearing tomorrow to church.  Even setting it aside and pointing it out to him just to make sure he understands.

It is necessary for us to coordinate.

3.  You have sampled enough jalapeno pepper macaroni and cheese to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. 

It is the duty of the chef to ensure the food is suitable for serving to large groups of people.

4.  You have grated six BLOCKS of cheese for the dishes you are serving for Easter.

5.  You have made your husband "hunt" for his dinner every night this week.

6.  You are exhausted from an extremely busy week at work. 

Which has caused you to not blog as much.

7.  You are looking forward to spending a wonderful day with your family tomorrow.

8.  You made these sinful, ridiculous, treats because you were saving the recipe for a special day........

I kept the recipe as easy as possible.  And started with a boxed brownie mix.....

I followed the directions.  Added the fudge.  And spread in a 13x9 glass dish.
While the brownie layer baked, I melted the crunchy peanut butter and milk chocolate chips...
And then started unwrapping these...
One of my all time favorite treats....
One of the  best combinations of food.  Ever.
I sprinkled the chopped peanut butter cups on the brownie mix.  Baked for five minutes more.  And then spread the melted peanut butter and chocolate - mixed with Rice Krispies - on top.

After sitting in the fridge for two hours... they turned out like this..

They are a combination of fudge, brownie, Reese's peanut butter cup, and Rice Krispie treat.

Obnoxious.  If I do say so myself.

But worthy of a taste test.  Or three. 

And no, there is nothing clean or organic or healthy about them.

But they made me smile from ear to ear.

And  beg Kev to hide them from me for the rest of my life.

The brownies AND the mac and cheese.

The makings of an Easter feast.

In my fantasy world.

And for the record, I was just speaking hypothetically about numbers 1-5. 

Or was I?

I hope every one has a wonderful celebration tomorrow!!

Happy Easter!

A Farmer's Feast

Before we even attended the Farmer's Market, I had already planned our meal around what we would purchase there.

Except for I had absolutely no idea what we would find.

So, I bought some shrimp from Publix just in case we needed a back up plan.

Because pretty much anything goes with shrimp.

Except for liver.  Nothing EVER goes with liver.  It is disgusting (to me!).

There is going to be a butcher at the market.  Eventually.  But when we went, he (she?) was working out of a camper.  And he (she?) had all the meat in ice chests. 

I was a little disturbed.

Thanks goodness I already had the shrimp.

 We decided just to focus on the veggies.

Corn on the cob.  Green peppers.  Red peppers.  Onions.

Kev put every thing on the grill.  Because he is cool like that.

And the less time I am in the kitchen... the less mess I make.
All I had to do was cook up some organic jasmine rice.

And then I was free to entertain him for the evening.

With singing.  And performances of The Robot.

It was pretty amazing.

This was one of the best meals we have had in a while.  So fresh.  And full of flavor.  And delicious!

Farmer's Market veggies are the greatest thing ever.  I don't think I will ever get mesmerized again by the produce department in Publix.

That's not to say that I won't be shopping at Publix.... Because I heart every thing else that they sell.  And I have 27 reusable bags sitting in the back seat of my car that are dying to be used.

And just to give you fair warning.... I plan to spend the majority of the summer eating fresh veggies and grilled shrimp and dancing The Robot in the back yard.

But that doesn't mean that my posts will get boring.  Because, we are the Snyders, don't ya know... and things are NEVER boring around here.

Except for when I post about food eleventy millions days straight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Farmer's Market

I would like to introduce you to my new glorious obsession.....
The South Carolina State Farmers Market.

It grand opened this past weekend.

And yes, I've been counting down the days on my calendar for MONTHS. 

Actually, the market isn't completely brand new.  It has been around for a while.  But it now has new and improved facilities.  And is HUGE.

And seeing as how I have NEVER been to a Farmer's market.... it is all new to me.

The new set up includes:

1.  A restaurant.  With amazing Southern food on the menu.  Specifically pimento cheese burgers!
2.  A demo kitchen.  Where they will host COOKING SHOWS!!!!  ( Sorry that I just screamed that but I'm super excited)
3.  A butcher shop.
4.  A bakery.
5.  Tons and tons of vendors with crafts, food, and plants/flowers.
6.  A produce store that is open from 6am-10pm EVERY DAY!

Did I mention that it is down the street from me?  Well, actually it is fifteen minutes away... but considering where I live it is pretty much down the street.

We treated the grand opening like a date.  Because every one knows how romantic produce and plants are.  Right?

Are we the only ones?

I envisioned sampling all kinds of foods.  And filling my trunk up with veggies.  And buying fresh breads.  And constantly telling Kev "no" when he repeatedly asked if he could buy some plants.

(We just had to register my house as a tropical rainforest. For Gaston map purposes. Except for there is no rain.  Only plants.  Millions and millions of plants.)

But unfortunately (fortunately for the market) the place was PACKED.

Like Disney World packed. 

Except I'm exaggerating.  A little.

Regardless of the crowds, Kev was able to find his own personal oasis immediately....

And then  proceeded to introduce himself to every last piece of greenery.
I'm sure we will have some new house guests soon.

The rest of the market was fabulous!  And so much fun!
There were plenty of things to sample.... like BBQ, home made dressings, hot sauces, breads, desserts, honey.... (not that we actually sampled anything)

There were even hand made goods.... wooden planters, baskets, soaps...
I'm sure there were so many things that we didn't even see.  I love the idea of buying local food.  And always love to buy things that are handmade. 

I can see the market and me becoming fast friends.

Especially if they keep the petting zoo around....

These turkey lurks were so much cooler than my featherless, albino next door neighbors. 

We think this is a llama.
I was too busy pushing children out of the way to notice.

By accident.  Of course.

It is important to get good pictures.  Even if I'm unsure of what I'm taking a picture of.

The camel...
Camels are a normal part of a petting zoo.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

The singing unknown animal...

And so many more that I couldn't get to.  You could feed them for $2.00... and let me just tell you that those animals will never be hungry again.

After Kev pulled me kicking and screaming from the random animals.... we started our produce shopping.

And I'm sure I caused a scene by saying out loud what every single fruit or veggie cost at Publix.  Because the price difference is insane.

And I suddenly realized that my grocery budget just got a little more manageable. 

Or at least I can spend more on peanut butter and cheese.  The important things.

We got all of this for $14.35!!!           


It would of cost us $35.00 plus at Publix.  Just in case you were wondering.

Not to mention that the produce was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I know that because we sampled just about every bit of it for dinner.

A dinner that I will show you on my next post.

In fact, most of the meals that I will post about this summer are probably going to include food from the market.

Consider yourself warned.

I just can't help myself.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mango Muffins

The perfect way to start a Sunday.

With delicious mango fruit.

I was lucky enough to get TWO for $1.00 at Publix last week.  And knew that it was imperative that I make the muffins that were showcased in the current issue of Clean Eating.

Yes.  I am STILL talking about the current issue.  Because it is just so awesome.

Mangoes are difficult to chop up.  At least, I think so.   And require a little more work than most fruits.  But every piece is worth it.  Because it is just that good.

The muffins were FULL of healthy goodness... including whole wheat flour, greek yogurt, almond milk, and agave nectar.

I threw in chia seeds for good measure.  And because I can't seem to get Kev trained to eat them
every day.  Chia seeds are my new favorite health food.  Even though I think they cause my hair to grow faster. 


Shaving is worse than pulling weeds. 

I need to hire someone to do that for me. 

Or wear a snowsuit for the rest of my life.

The batter for these muffins was thick.  And I mean THICK.  I was beginning to worry that they would be too dense.  And taste too "healthy".  But I filled the muffin cups the way I was told... and hoped for the best.

They baked in 20 minutes.

And turned out PERFECTLY. 

They were light.  And flavorful.  With just enough sweet to make them a delight.

Much different from the peanut butter/banana muffins I made.  These tasted like REAL muffins.  Except they were full of goodness.

I served them with a side of mango.  Because it was the right thing to do.

It made so many that we are able to have breakfast for the next two days.  I'm going to eat mine with yogurt tomorrow. 

Kev is going to eat his with a smile.

Country Cookin'

Makes you good lookin'.

At least that is what the sign in front of Lizard's Thicket says.

And just in case you aren't familiar with Lizard's Thicket.... it just happens to be the premier country cooking fast food (?) joint in the Columbia area.  A place that became the highlight of our move to Irmo from Birmingham back in 1991. 

My brother even choreographed a dance/rap/chant that expressed our love for the place.

My brother will hate the fact that I just told you that.

But that is what big sisters are for. :)

Typically, you do NOT associate country cookin' with healthy eating.  Which is why I had to put my beloved Paula Deen cookbook in the back of my pantry. 

And why I have to read Pioneer Woman's recipes through squinted eyes.

However, the current issue of Clean Eating has changed that theory.  And subsequently (wow.  big word for me.) has changed my life.

I've never seen so many delicious, amazing recipes in one single issue.  Ever.

I can't put the thing down.

Tonight's recipe was... Slow Simmered Steak with Onion Gravy and Mashed Potatoes.

We (Kev helped me make it!) started with the leanest cut of beef I could find.  Top Round -sliced very thin.  Kev seared it on one side for two minutes and then set it aside.

Next up was making the onion gravy.  Sliced onions, whole wheat flour, organic beef broth, salt and pepper.

He added the steaks back in.  And simmered for one hour and 15 minutes.
Yes, it does take a long time.  But most of that time is the simmering process... so, you can make it and leave it alone.... and go do things like laundry.  Or clean the kitchen.  Or just sit on the couch and read blogs.

Guess which one I chose to do.

At least until it was time to make the potatoes. 

Except for they were not just potatoes.  It was a cauliflower/potato mixture.  A very easy way to get veggies in to your meal.  Not that we need any help with that.  But kids (and veggie haters) will NEVER know the difference.

I chopped up the cauliflower and potatoes and put them in a steamer basket.  It only took 10 minutes for them to steam.

And then I added salt and pepper and unsweetened almond milk.  And mashed them to smithereens.

The cauliflower makes them extra creamy and light.

Introducing the finished product....

Oh my goodness!  It was so yummy!! The only thing missing was a biscuit.  It had wonderful flavor without being too heavy.  Kev says it is definitely a make again meal.

And now I will just have to find some biscuits that are made out of flaxseed.  Or soybeans.  Or something healthy that still tastes good.  :)

This meal was the perfect end to the perfect day.

A day spent celebrating my friend Brooke and her baby due in June.  Brooke is the first person I ever heard speak the word "blog".  And when she told me she had one... I didn't even know what one was.  Then I found out my cousin had one.... and the rest is history.

Brooke has surrounded herself with such amazing women.  And I was THRILLED to get to spend an afternoon with them! 

I am SO thankful for my friends.  :)

And last but not least.... I found out today that my cyber best friend ( who doesn't even know I exist), Pioneer Woman is starting her very own cooking show on the Food Network this summer!!  I am truly beside myself with excitement.  And I have already set the DVR to record every episode.

Except for there is no way that last sentence is true.  Because #1.  I have no idea how to set the DVR.  And #2.  I don't even know exactly when the show comes on.

But you know I am her biggest fan.  And I will be watching. Every single week. Even if I have to do it through squinted eyes. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crabs and Peaches

I know it is an odd coupling.  But it is a match made in heaven.

Actually, the peaches were the heavenly delight and really the only star of the show.

But since the entire meal was planned around me making crab cakes......I had to throw it in the title so feelings wouldn't get hurt.

Before I tell you all about last night's meal, though, I need for you to know that it is storming like a crazy insane storm from one of those crazy storm movies.  On a morning that I was supposed to be running in a half marathon.  OR the Marine Mud Run. 

And I am sooooo thankful that I am sitting at home on my couch right now.

I backed out of the Marine Mud Run for fear of injuring my already "old lady" knees.  And then backed out of the half marathon due to the need for better training. 

Things always seem to work out for the best.  :)

Anyway.... About last night....

I received my current issue of Clean Eating in the mail last week.

And much to my delight, it had a "clean" version of crab cakes on the front.  With fruit salsa. 

I asked the issue to marry me on the spot.

 My favorite magazine + one of my favorite foods ( is there any food that is not one of my favorites?) = the perfect storm.

Like what is happening outside right now.  hehe.

The only issue with fresh crab meat is that it is expensive (to me)!  So, I went with canned crab meat (per the magazines suggestion) and just made sure that I chose a brand that was "all natural". 

 The recipe called for all kinds of yummy ingredients.  Whole wheat panko crumbs, green onions, eggs, and yummy spices. 

One of the spices happened to be a cajun mixture.  Luckily, I had this....

 I have been DYING to use this stuff.  It is part of the amazing collection Kev received for Christmas.  The Dinosaur is a FAMOUS (like it was on the Food Network's best chicken BBQ in the country famous) BBQ joint that just happens to be located in Syracuse, NY. 

And since the only thing that keeps us (me and Kev) occupied, quiet, and out of mischief is watching the Food Network.... it is on in our house most of the time.

We happened to watch the show.  Freaked out because Dave and Laura live there.  Texted Dave to tell him that he had to go to this famous place.... only to find out that he eats there all the time.

I think that means my brother is famous.  In some kind of strange way.

Needless to say, Kev asked for BBQ sauce and accessories from the Dinosaur for Christmas.  And the rest is history....

(  My five year old self would never believe  that one day bottles of sauce and seasoning would make my whole Christmas)

Not only did the spice smell SO good.... but it was an amazing seasoning for the crab!

I formed the mixture in to 8 cakes - and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to mesh together.

 Meanwhile, I sauteed some squash in safflower oil.  And made couscous for the very first time!
 Who knew that couscous only takes 6 minutes to make!! That was a major win.  However, it is pretty boring and bland by itself..... so, I am going to have to come up with other ways to make it.

By the time the crab cakes were ready to cook.  I was exhausted.  It was 8:45PM.  And all I had had since 2PM was moldy lemon water. 

So, when the first "cake" crumbled when I tried to put it in the pan.... I just gave up.  I ended up putting all of the cakes in at the same time and crumbled them up.  And then cooked it like a stir fry.  The taste was the exact same... I just didn't have perfectly round discs to serve.

But then came the absolute STAR of the show.  The peach salsa.
 I bought this stuff at Trader Joe's a couple of months ago.  I think we have only had a fruit salsa one other time and thought it was surprisingly good.  So, I thought we should give it a try.

However, for some reason... fruit salsa never sounds good to me when I am thinking about what to make for dinner.

And for that I am forever ashamed.

The recipe called for a strawberry type salsa.... but then suggested buying an organic peach salsa to keep things easy.

Since Kev hates strawberries... and we had a random jar of peach salsa, I figured it was the best time to give it a try.

It is TRULY magical.  OH.MY.GOODNESS!  It is more than magical.  In fact, besides the wedding donuts... I think I have found Kev's new food addiction.

I love it when he gets addicted to food.  It makes me feel more normal.

We almost polished off the entire jar.

And probably would have finished it off... but Kev wanted to save some to wear as cologne to work today.  He is just that in love.

The stuff was the perfect topping for the meal.

And is just as good with a bowl of flaxseed tortilla chips.  We know because we tried it.

I must get back to Trader Joe's asap.  Our happiness depends on it.

So, in a nutshell.... the crab cakes were very good.  The veggies are always good.  The couscous was bland.  The peach salsa ROCKED MY WORLD.

I'm going to have to figure out how to make it myself.

Especially since I just remembered that we have a peach tree in our back yard.

A tree that just went from being a nuisance to  being my  best friend.


Friday, April 15, 2011


Wow!  What a week! 

This week has been intense. 

Good.  But intense.

And by intense... I mean busy. 

"Busy" just doesn't sound as dramatic.

Highlights of the week: 

1. A fabulous two hour power nap on Wednesday. 

2. A wedding dress shopping trip ( which Shannon officially decided on today!!). 

3. A dinner of (healthy) shrimp scampi that I ate on for four days.  (Shrimp that has been in the fridge for four days = I'm always up for a challenge) 

4. Getting back to yoga after missing the class for two weeks.  I can't ever go that long again... my body had forgotten how to bend.

5.  Having a stranger ask me if the reason I was wearing a huge yellow flower on my jacket was because it was my birthday.  To which I replied... "No, kind sir, it is because I have an obsession with over sized accessories - and wearing lots of them at one time."

Except for I didn't say "kind sir".

Low lights of the week:

1.  Not having any wedding donuts to eat.

2.  Having to take a nap because I haven't slept for days.  It seems the caffeine was NOT the reason for my insomnia.

3.  Missing multiple gym classes.

4.  Eating a rotten orange.  By accident.

5.  Drinking lemon mold. 

On my way out of work today, I grabbed my beloved Chick-fil-a cup.
 That had been full of water with lemon.

A week ago.

You see, I grabbed what I thought was my current cup. 

And took a sip from it as I was driving home.

Which resulted in the WORST taste in my mouth EVER!

I quickly took off the lid to look inside.

And discovered this...
Two completely covered in mold lemons.  Floating in a thick gooey lemon water residue.

I dry heaved.

And then cried.

But made sure to carry it in the house and get a picture. 

It proves the strength of my stomach.  It can truly withstand anything.  Even though it hurts right now.

I have officially learned my lesson to throw out my old cups before getting a new one.

I have also learned that I don't like lemon in my water any more.

Now I am off to get some sleep.... because I've got a big weekend ahead.

It involves a baby shower, crab cakes, grill night, and the grand opening of biggest Farmer's Market in the SOUTHEAST!!  Or at least that is what they said on the news.  And it is right down the street from me. 

Gaston rocks!!  Finally.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Say Yes To The Dress

At least I hope she will.

My sister, Shannon, that is. 

She is getting married in two months. 

And it is about time that she gets her dress.  :)

I came up with the idea to go shopping together.  To help her pick out the dress for her special day.

The problem is that I've never been wedding dress shopping.  In fact, I've never even worn a wedding dress. And just in case you don't believe me.... you can see for yourself here

(I apologize if those pictures give you nightmares.)

So, I had to use my mad fashion skillz and every thing that I've learned from watching hours upon hours of "Say Yes To The Dress" to help her pick out the perfect one.

Luckily, the consultant brought our vision to life with the very first dress.

It was breathtaking.  And I may have cried a little.

Especially when I heard the price.

Because I knew it was out of Shan's budget.

But the consultant came through for us once again with dress number four.

Another tear jerker. 

I think/hope it is THE ONE. 

Shannon has until Friday to decide.

And just because it is impolite for me to post pics of Shannon in her dress... because believe me, I took plenty...

I will post some of my other photography subject..... sweet little Abigail Marie.

She was such a good baby during the entire process.  She barely made a sound. 

She stayed deep in thought....

 Got bored...

 Tried to ask a question....

 Got a little upset when we didn't answer...
 Got sleepy...
 And then sucked on a pacifier that was bigger than her face.

I loved spending the afternoon with such special girls... (my niece, Ashlynn, was there as well)

The best thing to do after lots of shopping..... EAT!

We wrapped up our day by eating lunch at Olive Garden.

A place that I am afraid has just about NOTHING healthy to eat.  Except for the salad.  Minus the dressing.

And some minestrone soup.  It may not have been the most fun thing to eat for lunch... but it did the trick.  Which means it gave me enough energy to spend the majority of the lunch talking about food.

Food for Easter, Mother's Day, and most importantly... THE WEDDING. 

I have it all documented in my special food notebook.  A book that I am never without. 

You never know when you need to discuss recipes.  And plan parties. 

And.. to be honest... some times I just like to read it.  For a midday pick-me-up. 

Hi.  My name is Kim.  And I'm addicted to food.

I think it's ok, though.  Because I can admit it.  :)