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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Burger Night

After a long week and a busy day at work, nothing sounded better than a plate of comfort food.

Burgers and Fries. To be exact.

Except with a makeover.

Because Kim is my name and healthy food is my game.

Or something like that.


Moving on.

I happened across ANOTHER healthy recipe from Paula. Paula Deen that is. I know. I'm just as surprised as you.

It was for ground chicken burgers. With a "buffalo" flavor. Like wings. Not the animal.

And for the "fries", I decided to go the sweet potato route. But I gave Kev three options.

An actual sweet potato sliced and baked with olive oil and salt. OR spicy sweet potato fries made healthy-(er) than the usual frozen fry versions. OR Trader Joe's sweet potato chips.

( Is anyone worried about our strange fetish with all things sweet potato?)

Kev quickly chose the sliced sweet potato and said something like " if it ain't too much trouble, little lady, I would like some actual sweet potaters tonight". Except for he would never talk in a John Wayne like tone or anything resembling a wild westerner.

But a girl can dream.

Anyway, I was THRILLED that he chose the healthiest version. He is the perfect partner to my quest for better health. Not to mention that he just plain likes good all natural food.

So, my food processor sliced up two sweet potatoes. I drizzled them with olive oil. Sprinkled on some salt. And in to the oven they went.

I mixed the ground chicken with panko, diced celery, diced sweet onion, and salt and pepper.

And threw them on the panini maker/grill.

Except for I didn't turn the temp on right and after 15 minutes of barely grilling, Kev had to step in and "heat things up".
Add some hot wing sauce, tomato, lettuce, and pepper jack cheese. Throw the burger on an English muffin. And this is what you've got.

I skipped the cheese. And I realize that last sentence probably just blew your mind. But I decided to fill up on the "chips" instead. A pretty delicious choice if you ask me.
Delicious. Light. Filling. The perfect weekend meal.
And the best part is that it made enough for us to have dinner and two lunches- EACH. Gotta love leftovers.
And you gotta love this guy for always being so eager to try my new recipes...

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