The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Getaway

It's been a long time coming.

A very long time.
As I'm sure you have noticed by now... we don't get out much. 
In fact, I think the last time that we went on a trip together was in October and it was with our family.

Yes, I realize that it is JUST the two of us... ALL OF THE TIME.... but it's still nice to get away.  To do something different.  To go on a date... especially one that will last a couple of days.

Just because a girl has been married for a very long time.. doesn't mean she doesn't love a date now and then.

I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, we've been planning this trip for a year.  Which means that I've have been making lists and plans for a very long time.  Too long of a time.  It's a little obnoxious.

It's Kev's perfect trip.  It's just a couple of hours away.  It's pretty much self contained - meaning every thing we will be doing is all in the same place.  And he gets to meet some of his childhood heroes.  And watch Sci-Fi movies.  And learn about how Star Wars was filmed.

I love it because Kev loves it.  And I'm always up for a trip.  And I just so happen to be quite the celebrity lover..........especially when I get to meet the cast of True Blood.

But most importantly we will be trying out some yummy restaurants.  And that will be the most fun of all.

And now I must go finish packing.......
There has got to be a way to fit all of the shoes in to my suitcase..........along with the obnoxious amount of other stuff.

Like I said before... I don't get out much!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ponchos, Pizza, and Precipitation

We have a pretty large collection of ponchos.  Like "hoarding" large.  Because we (really just KEV!!) are hoarders.

And there is nothing I can do about it.

Except be thankful that I am dry during complete downpours.

They are also fun to wear in the shower when you just don't feel like getting clean.

Not that I would know anything about that.

So, do you remember when I posted about "greatest moments"?

Well, this story is about one of those moments.  And it is pretty great. 

Mainly because it involves pizza.  And grilling.  And Kev.

We LOVE anything to do with grilling.  ANYTHING.  And it pretty much ends up being the exclamation point on our week.

Except for we had never grilled pizzas before.  And pizzas just happen to be our favorite food OF ALL TIME.  So, we made a plan.  We watched cooking shows (specifically Alton Brown's).  We read blogs.  We studied.  And planned.  And dreamed.

Then we picked a night to finally do it.


Fortunately, rain is NO match for Kev when he is ready to grill.....
He donned his poncho like any hard core chef would do.

And then he did the "Monster Mash".

At least that is what it looks like he is doing in the picture.

We laugh in the face of rain.

We decided to make four different pizzas.  A tomato and basil.  A cajun shrimp.  A pepperoni (organic) with peppers and onions.  A wild mushroom.

The base for all of them would be a fresh tomato sauce ( that I made) and fresh mozzarella.  Oh... and whole wheat pizza dough.  Of course.  I bought two "balls" of dough at Publix.

Kev split them up in to four pizza crusts....
Watching him roll out pizza dough is pretty fantastic.  He is a natural.... and should have managed a pizza place.

Oh... that's right.  He did.  And we fell in love there.. just in case you have forgotten.  :)

While he rolled out the dough, I prepped the "accessories". 

The shrimp was marinated in olive oil and this magical substance...

Courtesy of our Syracuse relatives.  ( I never thought I would be so happy that I had relatives in Syracuse until I became acquainted with delish food from The Dinosaur)

Each crust was coated in olive oil and this....
Garlic Gold Nuggets.

Heavenly.  And necessary for a perfect pizza crust.

I chopped.  I diced.  I cooked onions.  I gathered up every single thing I could think of.

And then I put on my gear....

And realized that I have NEVER cleaned the mirror in the kitchen bathroom.


And we headed out in to the storm...

In case you haven't figured it out by now.  We are HARD CORE when it comes to food.  Kev even set up our card table so we would have a place to set all of the food.  If there was a game show where a team had to prepare a meal in insane circumstances.... WE WOULD WIN.  Hands down.

The procedure pretty much went like this...

Kev grilled one side of the crust.  When it was ready he flipped it over.  I was waiting with sauce and brush in hand.  I brushed the sauce on... he placed the sliced mozzarella... and we both placed the toppings.

It grilled for a couple of minutes more.  He removed the pizza.  I ran it inside UNDER my poncho.

And we laughed the ENTIRE time.  Because it was hilarious.

Low and behold, the shrimp pizza just so happened to be our favorite!! It was AMAZING!  And the cajun spice worked like a charm...

The tomato basil was my second favorite.  Mainly because I'm obsessed with basil and fresh tomatoes.
The other two were super yummy.  But didn't make the "favorites" cut.  I had a slice of each and then may or may not have gone back for more.

Because that is how I roll.

We are already planning our next grilled pizza adventure.  Maybe some pineapple will be involved?  Maybe more of a veggie pizza?

All I know is that we had so much fun!! It was definitely a highlight of our summer!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Tanner

As mentioned in the "Greatest Moments" post.... I gained a nephew this week on Wednesday!!

Tanner William was born at 7:29am - Fairbanks, AK time...

And weighed 6lbs. 7oz.  20 3/4 inches long.

I have been absolutely ecstatic about this sweet boy since the moment I heard Holly was pregnant!!

He definitely has Holly's chin, mouth, and nose.... and I'm pretty sure that he has Kris' eyes.  I'm anxiously awaiting more pictures.. and cannot wait until I meet him in person!!

It looks as if Skype is going to become my new best friend.... unless I win a trip to Alaska.  :)

Congratulations Holly and Kris on your first child!!! I am so thrilled for you and am looking forward to seeing you as parents!


Friday, August 26, 2011

One Year Of Sweat

I ran suicides this morning.

While carrying kettle bells.

I sure have come a long way from a year ago when I was sitting at a table signing up to join a gym.

A year ago, I was basically starting from scratch.  I had taken a 3 1/2 year hiatus from anything fitness.  Unless you consider paddling a raft over to the steps of the pool so you can get out... exercise.

And I did.  For 3 1/2 years.

Until I got the kick in the pants that I needed.... and the rest is history.

Thank goodness my muscles have a good memory.  At least something on my body does.

It is by NO means easy.  I have good days... I have bad days.... But the good ALWAYS out weighs the bad.  One week, I can attend all my classes, achieve all my goals, and feel amazing.  The next week, I can have knee trouble, feel exhausted, and have no motivation whatsoever.

But I believe that this is where I differ from when I worked out before.  I used to let the bad weeks take over.  I would get so down on myself for not working out that I would compensate with over eating/eating lots of unhealthy foods.  And then I would get upset with myself over the food and just throw my hands up in the air and give up.

Well, there is no giving up this time.  I am much more balanced.  I am much more determined.  And I've actually started listening to my body.

Unfortunately, though, she has a VERY strong Southern accent which is very hard for me to understand.  But I do my best.

My half marathon training has been a little off the past two weeks.  I hurt my knee by doing outdoor walking lunges (don't ask) -so, I have been trying to take it easy by focusing on my weight training, taking yoga classes, and spin.  I plan to start back with my running  next week.  I have 35 days left.

And then there is the BOXING. 

My most favorite workout of all time!  Even though I spend the entire 40 minute drive to the warehouse trying to talk myself out of it.  It is intimidating.  And incredibly hard (but in a good way). 

It helps that gas is a trillion dollars and that I am trying to save a trillion dollars..... that way I insist that my body completes the class.

It hurts that it is not near anything else that I do.  Work, home, grocery, etc.  And that the times of the training don't always get along with my new work schedule.  I have only been able to go twice in the last two months.  My first time back was just two weeks ago. ( And It just about killed me... I was sore from head to toe for an entire week!)  I had so much catching up to do. 

The gym has gotten so popular that there are multiple coaches and they take turns teaching different classes.  No class has EVER been the same.  The coaches are tough as nails and they push you to be the same.

I've learned that there is no smiling in boxing. 

I've learned that there is nothing that I CAN'T do.  They won't allow it.  They have the patience of saints.

I've been able to spar the last two classes with Darryl.  It has been a dream come true.  Even if he tells me to "stop smiling" "act tough" "act scary" "come after me" "punch harder" "stop jumping rope like a six year old girl".

I LOVE every single second of it.  That's why I can't help but smile.

I tried so hard today to keep my face focused and angry.  It caused me to miss a couple of punches.  But the hundreds that I made were pretty decent ... and I've got the broken blood vessels on my knuckles to prove it.

Darryl told me that I could hire him to coach me one on one.... and that he could get me in the best shape of my life.  I have no doubt he could.  I would sign up in a heartbeat if I won the lottery... but for now I will have to settle for Groupons to keep me involved in the training.

I love Groupons.

Now if only there was one to help me control my sweat problems......

This was after one hour.  I sweat more in boxing than any other class or running.  And yes, this picture was taken in Kev's store.  I stopped by to surprise him with my stench.  And so he could take a picture of me for my "one year" post.

I think his eyes rolled in to the back of head when I walked through the door.  And then while blinking his eyes violently and turning up his nose he said " What has just happened to me?".

Just the reaction I was going for.

He took a shot from the back just for good measure.  The only dry spot on my body was where my sports bra was.

And yes, I kissed my guns after the picture was taken.

I've worked really hard for those guys.

Here's to another awesome year!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Greatest Moments

I recently read a blog post that talked about greatest moments.

The three greatest moments in your life.... to be exact.

Your entire life thus far.... and only three moments.

That would be easy if I was 6 months old.

But I'm not.

So, it was extremely hard.

You see...I've had a pretty great life so far.  So, my great moments are pretty often.

At least to my standards.

My first time to walk down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

My first time to RUN down Main Street in Magic Kingdom with crowds cheering me on as I ran in my first half marathon.

Just about any time that I walk down Main Magic Kingdom.

Crossing a finish line.

Finding out my sister is going to be a Mother.

Finding out my brother is going to be a Father.

Receiving Valentine's chocolates from Kev in the walk in freezer at Little Caesar's Pizza.

Discovering caramel coffee at Starbucks.

Discovering caramel anything.

Having your Mom plan your fortieth birthday trip.

Winning a three-legged race with your Dad.  (we practiced for hours!)

Eating food.

Having your brother come home safely from Iraq.

Cuddling up with your Nana and watching tv for hours.

Discovering peanut butter.

Going home to the love of your life.

..... I could pretty much go on forever.  My point is that I have had ONE MILLION greatest moments and to summarize them in to three is so hard.

Believe me.  I have been thinking about it for WEEKS.

But I realized ( and discussed with Kev OUTLOUD whether he wanted to hear it or not) that the "surprise" of an upcoming moment is usually greater for me than the actual event.

For instance... Kev's proposal to me for marriage... at The Olive Garden!!... was better than our actual wedding day.  It was the moment that I knew I was getting married.  The actual wedding was just the final act.  Even though crushed velvet and massive hair was pretty momentous in itself.

Also the day that Kev surprised me with a NEW (to us) house!  It completely caught me off guard.  It was unexpected.  It blew my mind.  I literally fell to the floor in disbelief.  He had gone  above and beyond to get me the house of my dreams.  And he kept it all a secret.  That day was better than actually moving in... because by then I was absolutely exhausted and just wanted the renovations to be done. 

And then there is the time when I was dating Kev... when on Christmas Eve he gave me a gift.  My first mixer.... much to his Dad's dismay.  His Dad thought that giving a girl a mixer for Christmas was the worst idea.  He thought it should be jewelry or something romantic.  But that's when I knew that Kev knew me.  He really KNEW me.  And he gave me the thing that I had been wanting the most.  And has continued to do that every Christmas since.

When you have children or a pet, I assume the question is so much easier to answer.  (Unless you are my parents and you have six kids and you have to chose three moments. haha)  But since I have neither it completely frees me up to answer with just about anything.

I mean... I just drank a large coffee and ate homemade bean dip.  And I consider that to be pretty great!

Anyway, I just thought I would pose the question and give you all something to think about.  I asked Kev and he IMMEDIATELY responded with "I don't know" and quickly turned up the volume on the television.  Questions like that always seem to get guys in trouble. :)  Of couse, one of his answers would probably be the day that he got to watch his shows in peace and quiet.  But that won't happen as long as I'm around.

And speaking of GREAT MOMENTS!!!!!!  Right as I was finishing typing this..... I received the INCREDIBLE news that I have a new nephew... Tanner William. 

And I decided that I shouldn't just be limited to only answer with three.

Friday, August 19, 2011


That's about the only word that I can think of to sum up my feelings right now.

I tend to get anxious when I have several things on the "books" for the future.  I spend every waking moment that I am not working or working out... making lists, researching online, thinking about things, planning, packing, and making more lists.

I have a hard time living in the moment.

And ultimately, I just love making lists.

AND... I also just realized that this is only my SECOND post this month!! Clearly, my plans to blog consistently throughout the year have fallen by the wayside.  Even though I do have FIVE posts that I have started ( and have organized pictures for) that I have yet to complete.

Oh... and then there is the fact that I am trying to watch the entire last season of Friday Night Lights on DVR - before all of my new cooking shows start next week!  I LOVE me some Friday Night Lights... but trying to fly through the episodes has just added to the stress.

Stress? over Friday Night Lights?? Goodness! 

I need a life.

The three main things that I am most anxious about right now.... ( and I say "main" things because there are way more than three)

#1 and #2:  BABIES!!!!! I have a niece and a nephew scheduled to be born around the same time in the next couple of weeks.  And really, I feel like it could happen anytime. I check my phone constantly.  I walk around rubbing my belly and eating large amounts of peanut butter that I am claiming to CRAVE.  I practice the breathing techniques. I practice putting diapers on Kev.

I try to picture what the babies will look like.  I try to imagine their personalities.  I visualize our first meeting.  I think about how much I love them already.

I think about the little sweethearts and their parents ALL.OF.THE.TIME!!

Why oh why must they live so far away?

And why does pregnancy have to take SO long?? I do NOT have the patience for this!

Oh.. and then there is my little race in October.  The race definitely takes third.  It is on the brain constantly because I am training for it constantly.  I visualize crossing the finish line... at a decent time... over and over and over in my head.  I've planned what I am going to wear.  I've planned what I am going to eat.  I've planned what crazy face and fist pump that I am going to do when finish.

I've even planned what I am going to eat in celebration.

I will pay one million dollars to the first person that figures out a way to shut my brain off!!  And just so you know... sleeping pills don't work.  My body doesn't know how to sleep.

I will say, though, that our meals have been pretty delish around here lately.  I have been making all kinds of new things.... even if I am still challenged at taking pictures.

Oh, hello you bland, boring, washed out picture.  You are delicious enough to eat.  NOT!

I made this meal last night.  The "salad" is cucumbers, red onion (hella strong!!) and avocado mixed in sesame oil and rice wine vinegar - covered in sesame seeds.  The shrimp was marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, HONEY, and sesame oil... and then grilled.  All served with brown rice.

It was pretty Yum-tastic!

After eating it, I was forced given the opportunity to watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".  The orginal.  It seems that I "didn't have a childhood" because I had never seen the cult classic.  So, Kev made sure I did not live another day without experiencing it.

It was like "Glee".  From 1975.  With a lot of bizarreness, weirdness, craziness, and sequins mixed in.

At least I can check it off of my bucket list.

Lastly, because this post has just become way too random.... I have an awesome quote to share with you.  I read it online the other day ( probably when I was trying to download an app that merges baby pictures of expecting parents to give you an idea of what the child will look like) and it goes like this...

"Laugh as much as you breathe and Love as long as you live"  - Author Unknown.

I just love it. 

And now I am off to HOPEFULLY catch some zzzzz's... or at least one z.. before working the whole weekend. 

Hope you all have a great one!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Frittata

It is amazing how easily time can get away from you.... I can have an entire month planned out to the last detail and before I know it a week has come and gone and only half of the things have been checked off my list.

I blame it on the over 100 degree heat.

It just sucks the life out of me.

Similar to what Eric from True Blood would do if I would let him.  And I would.

Yes, I realize he is a fictional character.... but a girl can dream.

Anyway, I think between training for the half marathon, following a weight training program, making yummy summer meals, hanging out in the produce department of The Fresh Market, and daydreaming about how much my life will change next year when Whole Foods opens.... I haven't had much time for blogging.

Oh.  And I work full time.  We can't forget about that.

It seems so easy for me to take photos, download them, and actually post them with a title... but adding the words is where I seem to struggle.

Especially when random Sci Fi shows are blaring on the tv.

God bless summer tv.

It is the only thing that I hate about summer.

Oh.. and that my skin literally sticks to the seats in my car.

This past week I did manage to fit in a FIVE mile run!! The most I have run to date with this training.  It felt amazing and was over in a flash.  It is so funny to me that some days it is like pulling teeth to get me to run.  My legs feel heavy, I can't get focused, I'm exhausted.... and then other days it is like I was made for it.

Hopefully, I will have more of the "other" days over the next two months.  I've got a LOT of training to do.

I also was FINALLY able to watch True Grit!  Kev "net-flixed" it for me.  AND I LOVED IT!!  I am such a sucker for a western.  I was meant to live during the time of cowboys, and petticoats, and guns, and not having to take showers for weeks.

Give me a western with a good storyline and a spoonful of peanut butter... and I am the happiest gal on the planet.

Until my peanut butter is gone.  :(

As far as the yummy summer recipes.... I'm afraid that I will be telling you about every single one of them.  It has been a good season for cooking.  For grilling.  And for just making lots of cold salads.  I could NOT live without my subscription to Clean Eating magazine!  It has the most amazing ideas inside and I have just about made every single thing from the last issue.

Remember when my parents brought me all of these veggies from my Dad's garden?....

Well, I put them to good use by making a summer veggie frittata.

In case you don't know... A frittata is kind of like an omelet.  It is just baked.  A frittata is also my brother's claim to fame in Syracuse as he unfortunately ate the biggest one I've ever seen and lived to tell about it.  You can read/watch all about it here
It pretty much makes me gag.

Even though I am SUPER proud!!

I got this recipe from ..... wait for it...... CLEAN EATING MAGAZINE!  Of course.

And besides eggs ( which I always have a million on hand... I'm the perfect neighbor) it only requires veggies. 

I sauteed them in olive oil.

And then added some FRESH basil in to the eggs... ( Kev's herb garden is THRIVING!! Which makes me all kinds of happy!)

Pour the eggs in with the veggies....
And bake.

This is what it came out looking like...
It was light.  It was FULL of flavor.  It was perfect for a dinner  ( we threw it on top of a HUGE spinach salad) and a couple of lunches.

Anything with eggs is my favorite thing.  And the home grown veggies just added the perfect touch!

Today is my LAST Saturday off before Fall.  I plan to make the most of it.  With skinny girl pina coladas and grilled pizzas.

It is going to be magical.

As soon as Kev wakes up from his nap.  

Happy Saturday Everyone!