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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've spent a TON of time thinking about my resolutions for 2011. I take it very seriously being that I'm a little obsessed with lists and planning. I need goals in my life. And I need goals after I have met the original goals.

My middle name should have been goals.

Last year I wrote a million paged list of all the things I wanted to do. And to be honest, most of them didn't work out. Like wearing sunglasses on a daily basis. FAIL. At least I carry them around in my purse. That should count for something - right? I don't really like wearing them - they make my nose sweat.

And then there was the "focusing on keeping my skin youthful". Well, let's face it. I should have been doing that since 1972. It is a little too late when your skins sags south and your face looks like a raisin when you smile. Another FAIL.

So, along with my constant thinking and jotting down notes... I broke all rules of my "save money by being more savvy about what you buy - meaning do NOT buy every magazine that sparks your fancy when you are standing in the grocery store line" and purchased this one...

"Be Happier This Year". Well, you can imagine that it sparked my fancy. ( Why do I keep saying that - am I 80 years old?) It not only has tips for being happy - but lots of organizational tips. So, I broke down. Purchased the magazine. And then realized that I had just paid $4.99 for tips and ideas that I already do/know.

But it is still a pretty cover. And there is a copyable ( if that is not a word- then it is now cause I like it) grocery list chart. One that organizes your daily menu plus what items you need from where - ie; produce, meat, dairy, etc. I do this anyway - but it is nice to have a chart I guess.

My point is that I have worked hard to plan GREAT things for this year. And the news that I just received ( BEST NEWS EVER) has just sealed the deal on the fact that I am REALLY looking forward to an AMAZING 2011.

And just because I'm sure you are dying to know/I need a way to keep me focused on my goals by blogging this list... Here goes:

I decided to break the resolutions down by: Living, Laughing, Loving, Learning.

( Before you think I am clever - just know that I got it off a sign that is hanging in my sunroom. Except for the "learning" part. But coming from parents that are teachers- I figured I should add that in)


1. Being fit and HEALTHY. Healthy is the key word. Luckily I have already started this quest so I do not feel too overwhelmed by putting it on the list. I just want to take it a step further. I want to conquer yoga and pilates and running. And really excel at my fitness aspirations.
I truly feel a MILLION times better than I did six months ago - and I have slowly but surely seen the improvements in my every day living. Sleeping better, having more energy, feeling less stressed... etc.

My few specific goals that I have already set/signed up for are:

1. January 15th - The Burnathon for Camp Kemo! A two hour spin class to raise money for children with cancer.

2. The half-marathon on October 1st in Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival.

I'm trying to take it slow and not overwhelm myself. But I will say that I am actively searching for a running group and plan to start taking yoga at least 3 times a week. It would be nice to be able to touch my toes at some point in my life.


1. Well... basically what I mean about this is just cherishing my family more. Creating more memories. Celebrating the moments. I feel like I have done a much better job of this in the last year - taken more trips, attended more events, and actually CHERISHED the time spent. I had a LOT of amazing family memories in 2010 - and I plan to continue the fun!

2. Also, just another little goal that I have set for myself is to actually mail out/give cards to family members for special occasions. I am FABULOUS at shopping for the cards but HORRIBLE at actually giving them. You would NOT believe the stash of greeting cards I have in my desk that have not been given. And yes, Laura and Dave, your wedding card is still sitting in a drawer. I LOVE receiving cards in the mail - so, I want to be able to be a part of some one else receiving them.

In fact, my sweet neighbor ( who I have never met) brought us over some flowers. And I told Kev that I would send her a thank you card. And he said " Yeah right, I won't hold my breath". And I never sent it. Never went over to thank her. Nothing. That has to change.


1. Um. Do I even need to write about this one? I mean, I laugh pretty much hourly and one of the things I hope to be known for is that I made people laugh. It is pretty much is what I live for. And am thankful that I come from such a crazy family- it gives me great material.

Basically, I just want to continue laughing.


Ok. So this is where it gets good. I want to learn A LOT this year.

1. yoga- perfecting every move. Strengthening my core. Becoming flexible (hopefully)

2. Running- achieving success on consistency, speed, endurance.

3. Nutrition- learning more about what will make my body be it's best. And make Kev's be it's best.

4. Technology- how to scan pictures, add links, and basically turn my computer on by myself. ( I am truly computer illiterate!) I also want to maintain this blog a little better - meaning actually post on a regular basis. Kev has been telling me for the past two years that if I would just post smaller stories, I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. Maybe I will actually listen to what he has to say. He has kept me alive and well these last 20 years after all!

5. Cooking- My TRUE passion. Continue to prepare new and exciting meals. Take my cooking to the next level.

6. Photography - My other TRUE passion. I want to master my new camera like yesterday! We haven't decided what is best for me to do at this point - take a class online, take an actual class in person, play around with it until I figure it out. But I want to be able to document some great things. I want me and the camera to become one. And right now we act like second cousins that have never met.

7. Saving Money - I have come A LONG WAY in this area. Especially after taking the couponing course. But I still haven't mastered it. Mainly because I need to find a good balance. I mean... living off of hotdogs and hamburger buns for a week isn't going to cut it. And that is basically what the couponing came down to. So, I will definitely make it a focus, but will keep my mind opened about what is best for our health and our palettes.

And that about sums it up. Yes, there are other smaller things that I will be focusing on. But that covers the "big picture".

And just in case you were wondering - there are two things that I will probably never resolve. Giving up caffeine and keeping my bathroom clean. Because it takes a LOT to get me going in the morning and it is better for YOU and me that I have caffeine. And whose bright idea was it to have an ALL WHITE bathroom anyway? ( me!) ( and I have regretted since day one) I try to close the door when we have company over - that is about all I can do. It takes a TON of supplies to get me looking appropriate for the real world. And it is too much to keep them tidy.

During the typing of this post - I received MORE AMAZING news!!! I'm telling you- IT IS GONNA BE AN AWESOME YEAR!!! I can feel it!!

And I can't wait for every second of it!

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