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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Change Of Plans

There comes a day when every great planner has to change their plans. At the last minute.

Except for I'm not necessarily a great planner. Just a girl with an obsessive list making habit and a need to know what I'm going to do three months from now on a random Saturday afternoon.

It is a sickness that can't be cured. Kev has already tried.

Regardless, I want to make it known that I handled the changes with grace. Mainly because they were changes for the better. And ended up benefiting me in the end.

It all started with last night's meal. I had been planning it for a month. I had been anxiously awaiting to try it. I had every intention of making it.

Until I spent the majority of the day organizing the kitchen.

And when 7pm rolled around. I was exhausted. And permanently attached to the couch.

So, I put my back up plan in to place.


Amy's Organic Spinach and Tomatoes for me.....
And Tony's for Kev.

I have been wanting to try Amy's for a while now. AND it was DELICIOUS!! The crust was fantastic. The flavors were fantastic. The only thing that wasn't fantastic was the calorie count and size. I'm not really in to counting calories that much BUT it was a three serving pizza. THREE SERVINGS. I could have eaten the entire small pie in two seconds. But that would have been almost 1000 calories. EEEK! So, I cut it in half.
As far as Kev's pizza. He doesn't really care about the calories. Or the health factor.. for that matter. He loves the taste and the convenience and the price. And our freezer never goes a day without having at least four of them inside.

We also got the chance to try out our new "crisper" pans. I happened across them at Walmart and figured I would give them a try. It was another one of my attempts to save money. (Normally, we put the pizzas on aluminum foil) They worked out perfectly! They made the crust so crispy and evenly cooked.

Perfect for pizza obsessed peeps such as ourselves.
And then Kev suggested we eat our pizzas at the bar. Because that is what he does on the nights that I work late.
It is cozy. And romantic.
Oh, and you can watch the "big" tv while you eat. Perfect.
It was just like being at a sports bar.
Except for we had salads. ( Kev's in a bowl. Mine on top of the pizza - I love to "mix" my meals up) And no one tried to pick us up. And most importantly, we didn't have to go outside to get there.
And then I got to eat it all over again for lunch today. It was even better. And made me want to ensure that there are always at least FOUR of Amy's pizza in my freezer.
My next change of plans happened during the short twenty minutes that I have between getting off of work, changing my clothes, and getting to the gym in time for class.
It is a race, folks. A race that I don't always get to cross the finish line of.
Luckily, today I was moving fast enough to make it to class on time..... I had just brought the wrong sports bra. One that was a little too big. Some thing that I cannot take too lightly when I have a Body Attack class scheduled.
Mild bruising could be involved.
But as luck would have it, there was a bike available in spin class. And it was like two minutes before the class started. In JANUARY. The busiest month of the year. So, I still got a great workout and was able to re work my class schedule for the week to attend Body Attack on Wed.
I was cool as a cucumber. And went with the flow.
It is the little things, folks.
And now I am just sitting down after a SUPER LONG Monday. Long but productive. I even have our dinner prepared for tomorrow night. That way I can stay late at the gym and take Pilates! And then walk in the door just as dinner is served.
I even made my own salad dressing. In my food processor. And this picture will just have to tide you over until I tell you what type of salad this dressing is going on....
But that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Because it is almost bedtime!
Good Night!

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