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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reasons Why I Wear A Hat To The Gym

I have had multiple people ask me why I dress the way that I do to go to the gym. My pants are long and baggy. My shirts are over sized. My hat is usually on and pulled down low over my eyes.

I'm basically unrecognizable. Usually.

But the other day I decided to be brave and go hatless. To give every one the chance to see the face that is attached to the body of the girl who dresses like " a little man" ( as Kev says).

And also because I was taking yoga.

I have found it very difficult to twist and turn in to random positions in a dark room and still be able to see what the instructor is doing when there is a hat bill in my view.

But 30 minutes in to my class, I realized why I need that hat.

1. My hair. It has a mind of it's own. Especially when I have just gotten out of bed to attend a class. It's a little bit frizzy. A little bit curly. A little bit straight. A little bit country. A little bit rock and roll. And a whole lotta unmanageable- even with several bobby pins and a headband.

2. My tea stained shirt.It is amazing how many times a day I seem to forget where my face hole is. I spilled this tea just seconds after I pulled in to the gym parking lot.

Some times I think it would just be easier if I used my shirt as my plate and cup. Then I wouldn't have to wash so many dishes.

3. The glob of honey that was on my chin. I felt it as I randomly touched my face and my hand stuck in place. I don't even want to think of the amount of people that I smiled at or talked to before I discovered it.

4. The angry and contorted faces that I was making with every plank, hard stretch, or basically any move that I was doing that involved my core. Which means I had an angry face throughout the class.

It's been known to scare people.

5. Have I mentioned that I had a glob of honey stuck on my chin?

Basically, my hat makes me feel invisible. I can do some thing ridiculous and not have to worry about ruining my reputation.

The reputation that I'm worried about ruining? I have no clue.

But I have one. You can ask my Mom.

It is the reason that I won't start randomly singing and dancing on public transportation with the rest of my family.

Unless I'm wearing a hat.

But I realized that I'm much more sociable when I don't wear the hat. I'm much more myself. I met new people. I made new friends.

Tea stained shirt and all.

It is funny the things people (ME) worry about when nobody else cares.

And really, who cares what my hair looks like, or if I fall off my bike, or if I have cereal stuck to my pants.

When I have pictures like this circulating on the internet...
My attempt to show you my dirty shirt. See, I'm even pointing to the stain. I clearly have too much time on my hands.

You wouldn't believe the amount of pictures I took. It's scary.

In other news... It was announced at the gym that almost $7000 was raised for Camp Kemo during our burnathon last weekend!! Isn't that fabulous!

And my favorite quote from last week...

"Don't fuel your body at the same place you fuel your car"

And I guess that concludes the most random post ever. But I'm sure you are used to that by now. Random posts. It's my signature style.

I should probably stick to cooking.

Speaking of cooking.... I've got to go pull some yumminess out of the oven. And I will be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow.

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