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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Yesterday was National Cheese Lovers Day. If you haven't heard by now.

A day created for someone like me.

Some one who could eat cheese for every single meal. Or snack. Or any time in between.

Which is why I'm sure that you are imagining that I served platters upon platters of cheeses. With wine and grapes and crackers.

Or maybe a side of cheese fondue.

Or a big bowl of broccoli cheese soup. With a glass of melted cheese.

(Ew. I'm not so sure I would actually like to drink a glass of melted cheese.)

Anyway, if you thought these were the types of things we were celebrating with last night - then you were not alone.

Kev walked in to the kitchen expecting the same.

I mean, I have only been talking about this day for over a month now.

But for the first time ever, I decided to keep our celebration low key.

And a little more refined.

( I know I've just shocked you. I shocked myself)

So, I chose my current most favorite macaroni and cheese dinner.

Autumn Mac and Cheese. From Jessica at How Sweet It is.

I stumbled across this recipe a couple of months ago. And just realized today that it is from the same person that created the BBQ chicken fingers that we had the other night.

I think she is my new girl crush.

When I made the mac and cheese dish the first time, I just new it would remain a favorite of ours.

So, besides the fact that it dirties a million dishes and takes much longer to make than a basic recipe - IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Trust me!

I started with some top quality whole wheat pasta...

Roasted some apples and butternut squash in olive oil....

Sauteed brussel sprouts and onions in olive oil...

And then mixed it all together with a (reduced fat) colby and jack cheese sauce

I sprinkled panko and parm on the top and popped it in the oven. It came out looking like this...

A perfect serving for one...

I actually ate the mac and cheese as my meal. With a side salad, of course. It is so filling. But light. And a total taste explosion.

Kev, on the other hand, is a growing boy. So, he needs a little more of a substantial meal in his life. Which is why I got him a real treat... Hudson's Smokehouse BBQ...

As I'm sure you have noticed, we haven't been eating that much meat lately. And if we do it is usually chicken or shrimp.
I actually think I heard giggles in between bites. He was just that happy!
I served his BBQ on Hawaiian sweet rolls. With a mustard sauce on the side.

But that's not all. Because I felt the need to make Kev something sweet. For several reasons.
1. He loves a sweet treat every night and had finally finished off the pancakes from LAST Sunday. ( I always make too much of every thing. )
2. I found a half used box of Rice Krispies in my pantry when I was cleaning it out. I have absolutely NO idea why I have them or why they were half eaten. They are definitely not something I would normally buy.
3. I was up for a challenge. A challenge to try something that I had failed at in the past.
Rice Krispie Treats.
Yes, I failed at making them.
They were too oily/greasy/buttery and not enough marshmallow. Or something like that.
Basically they were gross.
I've never claimed to be a good treat maker. ( At least I don't think that I have)
But this time I had a plan. To double the amount of marshmallow.
More Marshmallow cures every thing!

I love the smell and taste of these little white fluff balls. I especially love them after they have been roasted over a fire.
Marshmallows are my downfall.
I thought I was stronger than that. I mean I can pretty much withstand just about anything sweet. I would rather have a carb or CHEESE if given an option.
But these extra gooey delights were not some thing that I should have made if I wanted to zip up my pants tomorrow.
But a good cook ALWAYS has to try every thing that he/she makes before she serves it. Even if it is not something he/she would normally eat. The Food Network taught me that.
So, I licked the spoon.
And then I proclaimed my love for the treats at the top of my lungs.
Then I cut out a square to take a picture.
And then I realized that I couldn't fit it perfectly back in to the dish. So, I was forced to eat it.
And maybe a couple of spoonfuls more. By necessity.
And now I am SO thankful that I went to the gym twice today. Otherwise I would have to wear sweat pants to work tomorrow.
So, a day that was supposed to be all about cheese ended up being about every thing else in between. Like BBQ and marshmallows.
But ultimately, it was a great holiday!

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  1. 1) GOOD for you for trying your marshmallowy creation-- it is absolutely ridiculous to think that you'd be sweatpants-bound because of a few bites of a fluffy after-dinner treat, even if you HADN'T gone to the gym. Nonsense!
    2) After thinking outloud on the blog today about adding capers and cheese I actually did it for dinner tonight! Split open an English muffin, mixed the capers into the tuna, spread it on and topped with a slice of deli cheddar and I put it in the broiler for just about a minute and it was SO GOOD!
    So good in fact that I had to let it digest for an hour and a half before going back for one more half-muffin :-p
    3) I can't wait to try that mac n' cheese dish!!