The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Food and Wine Festival

Food and Wine.

Yes, please!

Except for it was really all about the food for me. I'll save the wine for another time.

Because I WILL be going back. And I WILL be going back with an empty stomach. And a well planned out strategy. And hopefully a Kevin.

Because he would truly love the experience.

In case you haven't heard me talking about it.... I was fortunate enough to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in October. Now we all know how much I love food. And especially how much I love all different kinds of food. In small portions. Appetizer style.

It makes my skirt fly up.

This festival was truly made for me.

Last year, I was in Epcot during the festival .... but was too overwhelmed to even try anything. I just visited my favorite place. Mexico. The outside place. Not the inside... because my experience on the inside was documented in detail in March and I choose not to go through that again.

Anyway... Food is precious to me. And takes a lot of planning and thought. And I can't just walk up to any ole place and choose what to eat. I just can't.

So, this year I studied the map of food. Yes, the MAP OF FOOD. Because you can go online and see the 25 kiosks. What country they are from. What food they are serving. And where they are located in Epcot.

I dipped the map in gold. And slept with it under my pillow every night.

And dreamed of the incredible food that I would eat.

( And how much money I could get from the pawn shop for a gold map)

And wondered why I didn't go to cooking school. Because I REALLY want to be a chef. Or a cook. Or something where I could cook all day. Like a stay at home wife.

Anyway... I had it all planned out. I was overwhelmed. But decided that I would eat at Greece. Because I loved just about everything on their menu.

And the lady that rang me up said "WOW! you just ordered just about every thing off of our menu. Are you sure you don't want baklava?"

I yelled... "No speak English". And grabbed my food and ran.

It makes me uncomfortable for people to comment on how much food I order/eat. I knew that I would have to wear a disguise if I was going to go back.

Luckily I had packed one in my bag.

So, from Greece I had the spanakopita, greek salad, and chicken souvlaki. HELLO! Nothing gets better than that.

At least that is what I thought. I mean it was out of this world delicious.

But then I had been bit by the bug. The bug of eating. And I had the whole world in front of me to try. Literally.

So, my Dad got us each a Fisherman's pie from Ireland.


Because it was truly out of this world. Um..... like out of this UNIVERSE! Lobster and scallops in a pot pie. Topped with potatoes. Did Santa Claus think this up... because it was like a surprise on Christmas morning.

I high fived my Dad. Belly bumped him. And rubbed whiskers with him. Because it was just that good.

And then I swore to get the recipe. Which I did. And it is a little out of my league. It involved crushing a lobster shell and boiling it for a broth.

And that is just the beginning.

I've decided that we will have to save the Fisherman's Pie for an Epcot treat.

At this point we are getting pretty full. But it is almost 9pm. And the Food and Wine Festival is only an October event. And this is our last chance to eat these scrumptious bites of food.

So, we put on our running shoes and headed to the next place we could find.

Which was... South Africa.

Hello South Africa!! I will never visit you. But I sure do love your food. My Dad got the Mealie soup. Spicy, shrimpy, and incredible. And I got the seared beef tenderloin.

I made a stranger punch me in the face. To make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

And then our time was up. It was over. The park was closed. And I had to leave the rest of the world behind.

Until next year!! Because I will be back. And I will be armed with my fork. And teeth. And tongue.

( That sounds a little gross... )

But the Festival is truly an experience. Especially if you are a foodie. And you appreciate different flavors.

And just in case you are thinking about visiting this wonderful festival. There is more than just food and wine. There are guest chefs. Like the Paula Deen boys. And incredible 80's music concerts. Like Billy Ocean, John Waite, and Corey Hart.

Except for most of you probably don't know who those singers are. Because you are young. That's ok though. That means there is more of them for me.

If I can break away from the food long enough to listen to them sing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Date With A Young Jedi

This is my nephew Mason.

He turned six on September 11.

He loves Star Wars.

More than anything.


And he told me that several times and made me text that message to Kev.

Because Kev is the KING of Star Wars. And Mason and Kev are forever bonded through their love for R2D2.

Mason was not quite tall enough to ride the roller coaster at Hollywood Studios. And was NOT happy about it.

But with my quick Aunt thinking reflexes. I remembered that there was a Star Wars simulator ride. A ride that I haven't been on in 10 years.

It is pretty outdated. Especially with all the new technology and what not. And as much as I like out dated things. I have my standards. At least when it comes to my ride entertainment.


Clearly, he doesn't know Kev as well as I do.

So, we called Kev. And Kev was very excited for us. And they talked about every thing that Mason saw and did.

And a little boy's day was made. And we didn't even buy anything. Even though he was so sure that Kev would let us borrow $40 to spend.

But we did HAVE to go on the ride again. And even though it was the exact same ride... it was still so much fun to him. We were on another space adventure. The look on his face, the laughter, the reactions...... All were priceless.

It was truly the highlight of my day.

And then Mason wanted to pose for pictures. You know... for Kev. And I had to text Kev every picture.....

The poses were all him. He just told me when to take the pics. Notice a different pose with each character.....

I think this is his "I'm scared of Darth Maul face". But he was having so much fun that it kinda looks like he is about to laugh.

Star Wars was all the rage when I was growing up. I used to actually go to Star Wars parties. And dreamed of being Princess Leia. I could never get my hair to work quite right, though.
Children grow up so differently nowadays. With computers, video games, etc...... We always played outside and used our imaginations to entertain each other. So, I think it is super cool that Star Wars is still entertaining people of all ages. And it is a way to connect with the little ones.
Other than that... I'm a pretty lame aunt. I mean.. I only started texting last Christmas. And can barely navigate a computer. Not to mention that the music kids listen to these days can sometimes make my ears bleed.
I'm getting old. Just call me granny.
At least for ONE day. I was cool. The cool Aunt Kimmy Kim. Which is what Mason started calling me.
And therefore, I am so thankful for Star Wars.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

October 29, 1949

Suzanne Marie Tillman was born.

My sweet Mother.

She was born in Alaska. In an igloo. Under a shooting star. And next to a seal pup. Which is a baby seal in case you didn't know.

The beginning of her life involved ice fishing, whale blubber, and penguins.

Or something like that. Because I really don't think there is much else to do in Alaska. Even though it is a beautiful place.

My Grandfather was in the Air force which caused the family to move around a lot. She has been and seen more places than all of the people that live in Gaston combined. ( Which really, if you think about it, isn't saying much because the people out here think they have traveled a lot when they just drive in to Columbia and back)

But just know that she has traveled A LOT. And has seen many amazing things.

I love this picture of her as a baby.... with my Nana, Aunt Sandi, and Uncle David.

And then there is this one. She is sitting on the left. Notice the resemblance between us.....

My Mom has led a very exciting life. She raised six children. Has five grandchildren. Earned her Masters degree.... and then Doctorate.

She has traveled the world. Twice.

She can decorate for a holiday like no other. And makes every holiday and birthday special.

She sings. She dances. She decorates cookies.

She drives a new red Volkswagen Beetle. Named Ladybug.

She raised me to love Disney. Taught me to cook at a young age.
She instilled in me the importance of tradition, keepsakes and making incredible memories.

She gave me one of my greatest treasures. My many photo albums of my youth. And still ... to this day... captures every great moment on film.

She works very hard to ensure our large family spends quality time together even in this busy, crazy life we live.

All in 60 years.....

We celebrated her birthday in Disney World. In style.

Disney takes celebrating birthdays to a whole other level. And makes you feel like a princess (or prince.. if you choose) for your entire day.
It was awesome. It was incredible. And it was a pleasure to spend her birthday with her.
Happy Birthday MOM!!! We love you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Do you remember my good friend? The Pioneer Woman.

If you don't remember... then you must read this blog with your eyes closed. Because I only talk about her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

We just have the best relationship. She inspires me. She makes me laugh. She teaches me. She makes my husband love me more every day.

And we never fight.

Probably because she has no idea who I am.

Internet friends are the best.

Except for she has taken her three year old "family" blog and branched out in to the world.

Folks!! She is FAMOUS. And every one of you can experience her like I do.

She will expand your minds, expand your talents, and expand your thighs.

All with one extraordinary cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

I have been following her blog for almost a year now. And I have learned SO much about decorating, shopping, running a cattle ranch, photography, and most importantly- cooking.

And I had been anticipating her cookbook to be released for months and months.

The special date was October 27th.

And to tide me over - she made the month of October a pretty exciting one. By appearing on the Bonnie Hunt show, Southern Living magazine, and PEOPLE Country Edition....

And then her cookbook arrived at my house. And it was Christmas in October.

I have been savoring this cookbook for as long as I can. It is not a quick "flip through" book. Or something that goes immediately on a kitchen shelf.
It is a novel. Filled with incredible recipes, humor, stories from her life, and amazing photography.
There are step by step pictures and instructions for every recipe....

It is SO easy to follow. So enjoyable to use. And promises to get you marriage proposals. Even if you are already married.

And did I mention all the pictures of cowboys. And cowboy boots.
That makes it worth the price in itself.
In honor of The Pioneer Woman. I will be cooking recipes from her book for the next week. And am planning to cook EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. in the book. By the end of the year.
That is how much I love it. And her. And cowboys in chaps.
I bet Kev would look good in chaps. And a cowboy hat. And boots.
I think I've just decided what to get him for Christmas.
If you love country food. And great scenery. And humor. Then this is the cookbook for you.
And now I've got to get back to my reading. I'm only half way through. And I've had the book for two weeks.
Savoring a good book is important. At least until her next one comes out.
Oh... and I almost forgot to mention that she is #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list!!!!!
Way to go.. P.DUB!

A Blustery Day

It is cold and rainy today. And rainy. And did I mention that it won't stop raining! It even stormed last night. In the middle of the night. And scared the sense out of me.

I hate loud, destructive thunder storms.

I laid awake and just stared at the lump under the covers on Kev's side of the bed. It didn't budge. Not one bit. Because he ain't afraid of nothin'.

Even clowns!

So, I just sat there and planned our escape. You know... in case a tree fell in to the house. Right on to our bed. Because that happens a lot. I just know it does.

My escape involved pushing Kev off the side of the bed in the nick of time. And then falling on top of him. I thought it was pretty inventive. And brave.

Unfortunately though, I apparently fell asleep again. Because I awoke this morning feeling refreshed with no tree in sight.

When you are married to such a good sleeper... it is your responsibility to protect each other. Ask me any scenario.. and I will have an escape plan. Seriously.

Kev should thank me for it.

So, even though Kev tells me this morning that it really only thundered once and the rain wasn't hitting the window that hard and there may have been one small flash of lightening..... (remember he was asleep and has no idea the danger we were in)... it is still going to rain ALL day. And probably a couple more days.

Which means it is a perfect day for lounging around in the Lodge room. Blogging. And reading cookbooks.

And maybe doing a load of laundry or two. Because I've got to complete a house hold chore every now and then. Just to prove my worthiness.

Of what... I don't know.

So, be prepared for some stories heading your way. Because I'm ready to get caught up and on with my life.

It's the holidays folks! And there is no time for lagging behind!