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Friday, January 14, 2011

See Kim Run

Today started my three day weekend. And after a looonnnngg snowy week, I was really looking forward to it. Except for I couldn't seem to pull myself together for the day.

I drug myself around the house for what seemed like hours waiting for inspiration on what to tackle on my to-do list first.

The huge overwhelming pile of clean laundry on the couch.

The dishwasher that needed to be loaded and unloaded AGAIN.

The grocery store.

Continuing my quest for a cast iron skillet.

The gym.

Ah yes, the gym. The place I haven't stepped foot in all week. I had plans to, you know. Big plans. Like two classes a day plans. I've been trying very hard to get myself on a consistent routine.

Body Pump 3x a week.
Yoga 2x a week.
Spin 3x a week.
Body Attack 2x a week.
And of course....running.

But there was the snow. And late nights at work. And exhaustion. And I'm sure a million other excuses to keep me on the couch.

And then I discovered what is different this time around. My determination. My decision to not give in and decide that it is all or nothing and drive full speed to the Little Caesars drive thru window to order a 8 piece crazy bread.

( I've been known to do that. I have a bizarre connection to that place. The place where I met my true love. Kev. Not the bread. Even though it is a close second - especially if I was making it myself. Extra butter and cheese.)

( I may or may not have had a LOT of caffeine today- which happens to make my mind ramble like no body's business)

My point is that I can still pick right back up where I left off. No harm done. No setbacks. My body needed the rest and I do whatever my body says. ( Unless it wants to play in the snow. Because I am NOT up for that).

So, I drove to the gym. Even though there wasn't a class scheduled. Went to the theater room. Jumped on a treadmill. And ran three miles.

Without even thinking about it.

And I felt amazing.

I tend to get anxious about watching the time on the treadmill. Or my breathing starts to get obnoxious. Or I just can't get focused. But that is the beauty of the theater room. It is dark. Almost pitch black. And you can focus on the movie and forget how hard your legs are working underneath you.

And if you are feeling imaginative. You can pretend you are Wonder Woman running to prevent a crime. Complete with lasso and gold bracelets and crown.

Not that I would ever do that. Even though it would probably make me run faster.

I could have run forever. Well, maybe not forever but at least until the end of the movie. I was really in to it. But I had things to do. Lots of them. And the last thing I wanted to do was to exhaust my legs for my big bike ride tomorrow morning.

So, I picked up my bullet deflecting bracelets and headed out.

It is amazing what a quick 30 minute workout can do for your energy and spirit!

I was able to get every thing done. Even finding the cast iron skillet that I've been wanting.

For dinner I tried another new recipe. Stuffed peppers. It was fresh, and filling, and packed with goodness - food and nutrients.

I started off with cubanelle peppers - ( I initially wanted poblanos but Publix was out!)

I made a mixture of black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, corn, white meat from Rotisserie chicken, organic enchilada sauce, and reduced fat Mexican blend cheese.

I stopped trying to make it pretty after the first pepper fell over after I stuffed it. Instead I placed all of the peppers in a 13 x 9 baking dish and put the mixture over the top.
I baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. And then served it with a side of rice and a big leafy salad.

My only complaint was that it wasn't spicy enough. But Kev pointed out that not every thing that I eat has to blow my taste buds out. :)
Now I'm off to stretch and get some sleep. The Burnathon starts at 9am!

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