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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not A Fan

What a night! My dinner ended up being quite the catastrophe. And I still can't figure out the exact reason why. Maybe it is the looming wintry mix that is headed our way. ?? Because any amount of snow or ice in South Carolina always seems to result in mayhem.

It all started when I headed to the grocery store after work. Not because I was worried we would starve to death during the snow/ice storm - (because let's face it - my pantry/fridge/freezer is a little on the heavy side right now due to over planning and good deals)- but because it was on my to-do list for the day. And going against the to-do list would mean that I wouldn't be able to cross something off. And that would keep me awake at night.

So, I reluctantly drove over to Publix and faced the mob.

It was definitely not on my list of "most favorite grocery shopping trips". And that means it was pretty bad because just about any time that I buy groceries, I put it on the list.

Once home, I started preparing the meal. Just like any other day. It was an Asian inspired honey chicken recipe. A recipe that I was hoping would be the healthy version of the honey chicken at P.F. Changs. It is one of our favorite dishes.

And I'm sure that under different circumstances - it would have been amazing. But soon after I poured the olive oil in the hot pan, the kitchen started filling up with smoke. I turned on the fan above the stove. I started to panic. I was stirring the chicken like a maniac thinking that would make it cook faster.

It didn't.

It just kept smoking. And once I heard Kev's footsteps running towards me, I knew that he was worried the smoke detector would go off and had a plan to save us from that annoying noise.

It was this.

And he opened the door right off the kitchen.

Did I mention earlier that we have a wintry mix headed our way?

Ok. Just checking.

And have I mentioned that I am a tad bit "over" the whole winter season and seem to freeze at the drop of a hat?

Well, I do.

Oh. And did you know that I don't usually cook my meals in FULL WINTER GEAR because I usually cook INSIDE in a home that has a heater?

Needless to say, I wasn't prepared for the blustery wind that was blowing at my back... while Kev was holding the fan practically in my face to blow the smoke from the chicken out the back door.

Stirring away. Like a maniac. With chattering teeth. And blue lips. Laughing my heart out.

And then the ridiculous chicken was finally done.

So, I tossed it with some roasted vegetables and put it over rice noodles. Just like any normal, frozen to the bone, smoky smelling girl would do.

This was Kev's bowl. I had had enough of the chicken and filled my bowl mainly with noodles and broccoli.

And just for fun... I accidentally FLUNG rice noodles all over the toaster while I was trying to dish them up.

Good Times.

The meal was just ok. I probably would have enjoyed it more in a normal situation. Like if I wasn't still shivering. But it was nothing that a couple of sprinkles of crushed red pepper couldn't fix. It heated up the meal and me.

And now I am off to try and wash this disgusting cooking smell out of my skin. It happens to be one of my phobias. Smelling like "cooking". I love to cook but CANNOT stand the after smell in my hair, skin, clothes, etc. Some times I can't even sleep at night if I can still smell it on me. ( yes, I'm sure it is all in my head)

Maybe I will just take a cold shower. For some more wintry fun, of course.

I cannot wait to see what I'm going to be waking up to in the morning....

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