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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Weekend Recap

Actually it is more like a second half of the week recap - instead of just the weekend. 

The last couple of days have been packed FULL.  And the last thing that I've gotten to tell you about is Fight Club.

Ah.  Fight Club.  How I miss you.  I've got to make another appointment.  And fast!! ( P.S. Fight Club University posted our pictures on Facebook.  Hilarious and awesome at the same time!)

Anyway, since I last wrote... I finished my cleanse!! It lasted TWO days longer than I had originally thought. 

I was never really that good at counting.

But let me just tell you that it is the best thing that I could have done for myself.  And I'm a little sad that it is over.  Except for the fact that I am now eating cheese again.  In moderation, of course.

I am officially caffeine free!! Which I NEVER thought I would be able to say.  I also feel better, workout better, eat so much better, and my palette has changed for the better.

I'm sure my internal organs are looking pretty fine too.  Except for I would be totally grossed out to look at them.

To celebrate the end of my thirty-something day cleanse, I made buffalo chicken nachos.
 I still made them pretty darn healthy.  But again, I added in (organic) cheese - which was something I hadn't had much of for a while. 

The chips are OUR new found favorite.  I have only  been able to find them at Fresh Market.  They are the ones I rave about being made out of seeds and other amazingly healthy ingredients.  Kev has commented on them so many times that I'm starting to think that they have a secret love affair going on behind my back.

Also, every time he mentions how delicious they are, I double check the ingredient list thinking that I must be mis-reading the contents.  But, it is not a joke, they are healthy.  100%  And I love that.

I used the Ranch flavored ones for the nachos.  And then covered the chips with shredded chicken breast (Rotisserie), chopped red onion, hot wing sauce (Frank's has the healthiest ingredient list), and organic IRISH white cheddar cheese (YUM!).  I baked them for about 15 minutes.  And then sprinkled chopped green onion on the top.

And there may or may not have been a BIG side of guacamole. 

Ok.  There definitely was.  Because I cannot live without it.
 They were scrumptious.  They were even good the next day when the chips had gotten a little soggy.  I ate a bunch of them cold.  And it made me so happy.

As far as workouts go.  I worked out a LOT.  And tried to do some new things.  I'm trying to get to new classes and mix things up a bit.  I've basically decided to stick to lifting heavy weights at home.  I seem to do better with that than going to Body Pump.  And hopefully, Kev will continue to be a demanding trainer  a source of inspiration.

Besides the boxing, BOOMBA was really the only brand new class that I got in to.  ( The gym is just still way too packed!!)  Diane ( Laura's aunt) invited me to join her - and besides the fact that I probably embarrassed Diane more than anything ever had - I really had a good time.

Boomba is the "more mature" person's form of Zumba.  So, it is a lot of dancing... but not quite as much as the real Zumba class. 

I, unfortunately, can't do either class as my hips and legs do not move in any direction other than a marching pattern.  I also tend to want to snap my fingers and clap my hands to the beat I hear in my head ... not the one actually with the music... and that was probably not allowed.  I definitely worked up a sweat though..... flailing around to Lady GaGa is exhausting.

Note to anyone interested in trying it:  The back of the class is not necessarily the safest place to be when you are NO good at dancing.  It seems that the class rotates in almost every single song making the back row suddenly becoming the front row.

I spent those horrified moments wishing I had worn my hat.  Or at least a paper bag over my head.

And then I made these little bits of heaven.
 Kev's favorite cookie of all time.  The wedding "donut".  And I'm seriously not trying to be rude... but bless my heart this ended up being the BEST BATCH EVER!

I try something a little different every time I make them.  Last time I used the fresh vanilla bean paste.  (to.die.for!).  This time I used the imported IRISH butter.

Have mercy on my soul.

My Mom asked me recently if I was just not eating desserts.  I responded that I don't really have a sweet tooth and can really take them or leave them.

Until now.  I want these in my life every single day.

Which is why I can never make them again.  Because one little cookie does NOTHING but push you to eat more.  And the word moderation completely disappears from my vocabulary.

Kev  has been carrying them around in a fanny pack -so he has one available at all times of the day.

I HATE fanny packs.  But admire his ability to throw all fashion sense out the window to enjoy an amazing treat.

We have literally spent the last few days with a constant mustache of powdered sugar around our faces.

I need to do another cleanse!

Last but not least, I FINALLY got to take a photography class.  I got it through Groupon! ( I heart Groupon)  It was very informative and I really learned SO much about my camera.  Stuff that I didn't even have a clue that it did.  I'm still no where near being a pro... but at least have a better understanding about lighting and composition and how to make your hands look skinnier than they are.

My only wish is that there had been a special part about food photography since that is probably what I do the most.  I would LOVE to be able to capture a picture of food that makes you hungry just looking at it.....just like the majority of the publishers in the Food Buzz network.  They are amazing! 

The first thing I did when I got home was to pull out my favorite cookies and take a couple of shots.

I call this "the senior picture of some donuts".  At least that is what it reminds me of.  An all black background.  Serious, stiff pictures.

Am I the only one with a senior picture like that?

Then I ate every one of my subjects. 

That is why I love food photography. 

Easy clean up.

Except for all the sugar that got on the front of my shirt.

Speaking of a dirty shirt.... I'm off to do some laundry and get ready to start a brand new week.  Even if the weather is going to  be nasty.  That's what rain ponchos are for.  :)

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  1. Excuse me!! Where are my wedding donuts??? Love, mom