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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

1.  Strawberries.

I got the entire bowl full for $4.99.  And they are some of the juiciest, most delicious  berries I've ever had. 

Or maybe they are just regular old berries... but my new found taste buds are just appreciating them more. 

Kev doesn't like strawberries.   

So, they are all mine.

To eat with plain greek yogurt as my new favorite breakfast.

I've decided that I like plain yogurt with berries even better than the flavored greek yogurt that I hold so near and dear to my heart.

I can see myself eating this all Spring and Summer.  For the next thirty years.

2.  The Elliptical. 

I have never been a fan of that particular piece of equipment.  It has always looked too hard to work.  Not to mention that I feel like it would give me a case of the jimmie legs and arms.  But, I've been getting on it more and more and have decided that it is quite delightful.  I get a great workout - total body - and sweat like a beast.  It is a nice change from running on the treadmill.  And lucky for me, they have them in the DARK theater room.  Win-win situation.

3.  My husband.

Because he made me this for lunch.

The other night I had pre made some tuna fish for our dinner on Tuesday.  Kev's was the good stuff with mayo, dried cranberries, onions, and almonds.  Mine was with (organic) spicy brown mustard and onion. 

Well, one thing led to another at the gym... and before I knew it I was staying for another class.  Which means I got home late.  But walked in to dinner being plated and lunch made for the next day.  He even panini-ed my Ezekiel bread tuna sandwich.  Which makes it that much better!

And then I added some beet and sweet potato all natural chips.  And it was a meal fit for a cleansing queen.

4.  My recipe for St. Patrick's Day.

I just discovered it and am all kinds of excited.  Especially because I have always struggled with what to make.  It combines a lot of our favorite things.  But more importantly does not have cabbage or corned beef..... Kev's nemesis.

5.  My sweet baby niece, Abigail.  Who is still being held in the hospital because she is soooo tiny.  I promise a photo shoot the minute she gets home and settled. 

And last but not least...

6.  This wonderful day.  Because I'm getting a lot of things accomplished.  And have so much to be thankful for!

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