The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The ABC's Of Me

I've been seeing this "fun fact" exercise on blogs lately... so, I decided to join in on the fun.

1.  I have been working a lot lately.

2.  I haven't cooked any thing exciting or worth blogging about in the past week due to #1.

3.  I figured you were all dying to know some more about me. :)

4.  I love participating in these things.

So here goes....

A.  Age.  Eeeek.  Um.  38. 

B.  Bed Size.  King size waterbed with individual cooling and heating systems.  And no, it does not have mirrors or book cases attached or swanky music playing from hidden speakers.  It is a more up to date version of the 70's favorite ( which we did have before we bought this one).

C.  Chore you dislike.  Obviously, cleaning my bathroom.  Because I never seem to get it cleaned and just close the door for visitors. ( It takes a LOT of different products to keep me presentable for the public eye!) Kev would probably say that I hate all chores.....because I'm super dramatic about doing any of them.

D.  Dogs.  Nope.  But if I did it would be a Lab. 

E.  Essential to start your day.  Well, it USED to be coffee/tea.  But I'm happy to say that I'm almost completely off of it.  So, I guess I will say a glass of water, a shower, and two eggs.  Except for that I don't always shower in the depends on my gym/work schedule.   

F.  Favorite Color.  RED!!

G.  Gold or Silver.  I actually wear both... but usually lean more towards silver.  The jewelry selection always seems to be much "cooler".

H.  Height.  I would love to say 5 8".  But since Kev will be reading this and correcting me... it is actually only 5 5 1/2 ".  And yes, the 1/2 is very important. 

I.  Instruments you play(ed).  When I was growing up it was piano.  In my teen years it was air guitar.  Currently it is air drums - specifically to the opening music of the CSIs and Hawaii Five O

J.  Job Title.  Retail manager.  Cook.  Obsessive meal planner.  Dishwasher unloader.

K.  Kids.  Nope.  Unless you count the 100 plus plants that we have growing throughout our house.

L.  Live.  The infamous Gaston, SC.

M.  Mom's name.  Suzanne

N.  Nicknames.  Kimmie.  Kimbo Lane.  Kim Possible.  Monkey.

O.  Overnight Hospital Stays.  When I was in the fifth grade I had a bike accident ( helmets had not been invented yet) and ended up with a concussion.  It was pretty scary.  And I can't even imagine how worried my parents were.... not to mention that my Mom had JUST come home from the hospital with my newborn baby brother that day.  Talk about some one needing attention.  :)  AND I also spent the night in the hospital with Kev when he caught a nasty virus while we were on vacation at the beach.  He had a miserable night - but I actually thought it was quite fun.  Especially because I got a free pair of socks. 

P.  Pet Peeves.  Wow.  I have too many to list.. but they all pretty much fall under the categories of "Inconsiderate People" and "Bad Manners" and "Ungrateful people".  It blows my mind how disrespectful so many people are to each other.  It is unfortunate.  And so is chewing with your mouth open... but then again.. that falls under "bad manners".  :)

Q.  Quote From A Movie.  "All little girls are princesses".  From one of my favorite movies of all time "A Little Princess". 

R.  Righty or Lefty.  Righty!

S.  Siblings.  Five.  Shannon, Holly, Kristen, Dave, Bethany.  I'm the oldest... much to their dismay.

T.  Time You Wake Up.  Hmmm.  It all depends on what the plan is for the day.  6 on work days when I open.  8 on the other days.  Except for the days that I am off and REALLY need to get some sleep.  Then I get up at 9ish.

U.  Underwear.  Sure!  My happiness depends on wearing the right underwear.  And I know that you are all well aware of my obsession with panty lines.  :)

V.  Vegetables That You Don't Like.  The only one I can think of is sun dried tomatoes.  Which I realize is more of a flavoring than it is an actual vegetable.  And anyways, a tomato is a fruit.  So, just disregard this answer.  I LOVE my veggies!!

W.  What Makes You Run Late.  Dilly dallying....  as Kev would say.  I get wrapped up in all of the other things that I need to do and have a hard time staying focused.   Unloading the dishwasher, researching recipes, planning next month's meal plan, watching tv. 

X.  Xrays You Have Had.  My head - when I had my concussion.  Oh.. and my head again when I was in a car accident in 1992.  And my teeth a ton of times.

Y.  Yummy Food You Make.  I hope it is just about any thing that comes out of my kitchen!!  I LOVE making food!!

Z.  Zoo Animal Favorites.  Animals that you don't get to see often... like a koala bear.  Or a unicorn.

And that's a wrap.  I hope you all enjoyed the ginormous amount of information I just gave you.  And don't worry... I will be back in the kitchen soon and up to my usual shenanigans.


  1. There are so many interesting things to know about you - thanks for sharing. Although, I have to say you are so much more amazing then presented here. Just keep it up!! Sandi

  2. Sandi! You always write the sweetest things!! Thanks!