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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cutest Blog On The Block Is No More!

I finally figured it out.  Well, at least how to fix it.  Not why the heck it was there in the first place. 

I'm talking about that bizarre icon that has been showing up on my  blog for the past week's worth of posts.  It said "the cutest blog on the block".  And would some times cover the words I wrote and some times would not.  But I could not get rid of it despite every thing that I tried.

Until today.

I researched and researched.  And it seems that it is a common issue with blogs.  ?? So strange.  But it taught me how to search through the HTML and find the code and delete it.

It was almost more than my 1972 year old brain could handle - especially since computers and me don't mix. 

But I did it!  And Kev even gave me a "high five" for it.  Because he was so proud!

Except for this entire past week, he thought that I was putting that on my blog because I did think it was the cutest.

Good to know that Kev thinks I'm full of myself.  haha!

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