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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can Life Even Get Any Better?

It is just March 7th.  We haven't even officially started Spring yet.  And this year has already exceeded my expectations for being an amazing year!

I called it.  On January 2nd.  I just had a feeling that big smiles, tears of joy, lots of laughter, and lots of LOVE was headed our way.

So, besides the June and November weddings.  And the two babies already announced - ( one born Sunday morning!!) and the fact that I learned to make beignets....

I've got MORE amazing news!! 

From my sister, Holly, and her husband, Kris.

They are the military nomads... traveling and living all over the place.  Currently, stationed in D.C.  And currently the parents of two dogs... Poncho and Lucy. 

They have been busy minding their own business and getting ready for their new assignment in Alaska.  Starting in September.

Or so I thought.

Until I received the most amazing text a couple of days ago.

And it said "Baby".

It is just the icing on the cake of wonderful!

And my heart just about exploded from the happiness that I felt to hear that my sister was having her first child.

It was intense. 

Holly is due in September. 

And it seems that I am due for a visit to D.C. right about that time. 

Three babies in one year!  We are so grateful!  And thankful!! And thrilled!!

If I am this excited... I can't even imagine what my parents are going through!! Grandbabies are like the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. 

Congratulations Holly and Kris!! Your sweet baby has no idea how much it is already loved!


  1. This is such AWESOME news! I can't imagine the happiness pouring out of DC and SC right now, but when you add in TN and TX it shoots to the moon. This is going to be an exciting year!! Sandi

  2. Yay Holly and Kris! This is just such a great year!

  3. I am so excited that I don't even know what to do!! Abigail Marie has already been such a blessing and she is only 12 days old!! And then to have a "Switzer Nugget" and a "Craigheads and One" is over the top!! We are blessed! Love, Mom and Nana