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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cleanse UPDATE

I have officially completed TWO weeks of "the cleanse".  So, I figured that it was time for me to do an update on how things are going.

Because I'm informational like that.  And like to keep you all in the know.

And I'm just assuming that you can't go another day without hearing all about it.

A Recap of the Plan

I am cleansing my body of toxins by taking herbal supplements, eating extremely healthy, exercising, and drinking tons of water.  All for thirty days.

My Purpose

To feel better, perform better, sleep better, eat better, get rid of my addiction to caffeine, cure (?) or at least manage my severe reflux, and to just be an all around healthier individual.

The Negatives

Having to be super organized with my meals.  I realize that I'm kind of obsessed with the whole meal planning thing... but the past week and a half has been so busy and "out of the normal routine"...which has required some creative thinking to get the right fuel in to my body.  Luckily, organic/clean food is easily accessible these days (most of the time) and in case of emergency I have been able to find something.

Looking like a nerd at a restaurant for Girl's Night when I didn't order any food because I couldn't eat anything on the menu.  I DID know I wouldn't be able to eat in advance, though.  And I ate before I went.  And after.  Because I'm hungry like that.

The Positives

Wow.  There are SO many.  First of all, I have to tell you that I feel amazing.  Or more like AH.MAZE.ING!  I am living off of my own energy for the first time in one zillion years.  I have actually skipped drinking caffeine all together a couple of days... and on the other days, I just have a small glass of green tea for the health benefits.  My severe reflux is non existent.  No issues whatsoever... and I even ate bean and jalapeno chili for four days straight!  My work outs have been better.  My sleep has been better.  My high kicks and jazz hands have been better - and you don't even realize how long I have wanted to say that.

Oh.  And also my palette has changed.  Food has never tasted better.  A simple apple tastes like a delicious dessert.  I actually think of it as a treat instead of something I need to eat to "keep the doctor away". 

The Food

It has definitely made me hungrier.  I eat about every two to three hours.  Starting at 7am and ending at 10pm.  I carry around a bag the size of Santa's every day.  Even when I am off work and I am out running errands.  I eat lots of eggs, spinach salads, nuts, fruit, raw veggies, Ezekiel bread, hummus, beans, greek yogurt and almond butter.  I also have some delicious recipes.  I just haven't had a lot of time lately to prepare them.  Hopefully, that will all change tomorrow.....
Final Thoughts

I am thrilled that I decided to do it.  I wish I hadn't put it off for so long.  However, I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about how my body is going to react when I start incorporating foods like cheese and flour and filet mignon back in to  my diet.  But living a life that is so restrictive is NO fun.  And does not fit in to my lifestyle.  So, I will work them back in... in moderation.  But I will also continue to focus on whatever it takes to be at my best.

And if that means getting a pedicure once a week while sipping on a pina colada.  Then so be it.

As long as the pina colada is non alcoholic and made only with fresh pineapple.  :)

And now I am off to look over some recipes for the rest of the week.... and dust off my sweet camera.  I've never needed a day in the kitchen like I do right now.

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