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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back In Business!

My dishwasher is on it's second load of the night.  And there is still a pile of dishes waiting on the counter for their turn at getting clean.

It's been a good night in the kitchen.

And I finally feel back on track after almost two weeks of barely any cooking.

My inspiration for tonight's meal.

I have missed her so.  This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks.  But unfortunately, every recipe is filled with butter, cream, cheese, and more, it doesn't see the light of day as much as it used to. 

But I had some tortillas that I needed to use.  And I had a husband that was in need of a hearty, filling meal.  So, I decided to make these...

Kev informed me that he LOVES anything in burrito form.  And you already know how much we love breakfast for dinner.  So, it was the perfect meal.

While the hot sausage was cooking, I chopped up green peppers, onions, and already baked potatoes.

And then while they were cooking, I started working on the egg mixture.

Except for I doubled the cheese ( sharp white cheddar) and the chives.  "Doubling the important things" is my middle name.   It is very hard to monogram.

And then every thing cooks all together.

I put the breakfast extravaganza mixture in to the tortillas.  And ended up making 12 of them. 

Poor Kev.  If he had only married a girl who knew how to half recipes.

I will be dropping some off at my Dad's tomorrow.  It is the right thing to do.

Kev dipped his burritos in Texas Pete.  Because nothing is ever hot enough in our family.  In ten years, we will probably be just drinking Texas Pete instead of water.

And eating jalapeno peppers as apples.

My healthified version of the dinner....

I roasted two small red potatoes, green pepper, and onion in olive oil.  And then topped them with two runny eggs.  It was scrumptious!

And then while I had out my favorite cookbook.... I decided to go ahead and make some dinner for Shannon and her family being that they have a new sweet baby girl and all.

It is Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti. 

I have made this dish so many times.  It is perfectly comforting and so yummy.  Except for I discovered when you are making it for kids, you have to remove the green pepper, pimientos, and onion.  So, I did.  And put in extra cheese.  Because it is the law. 

And then I just HAD to make a dessert for them.  Inspired by a family beach trip I went on the summer after 10th grade = a long time ago.  It is a recipe of my Aunt Sandi's.  Hershey Pie.  

It will make you do a back flip, do-si-do with a stranger, and in some rare instances... howl like a coyote.  It is important for any celebration!

And the part I like the best is that it just takes mere minutes to put it together. 

I just melted down six Hershey bars ( it is MUCH more heavenly if you use the bars with almonds... but, alas, my sister and her family HATE nuts!!!!  Which makes my cry every time I think about it - so, I had to use the plain) and then poured them over a tub of cool whip.

The above picture was my second  batch.  They are a family of seven now.  Seven people means that you have graduated to receiving two pies instead of one.  Even if one of the members only weighs five pounds and drinks milk.

Stir them together.  And pour it in to a chocolate pie crust.  Then stick it in the fridge or freezer depending on the consistency you prefer. 

I like it any way I can get it.

And would you believe that it was like pulling teeth to get Kev to lick the bowl.  I couldn't stand to see all the yummy remnants in the bowl go to waste... and since I have LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to go before I can have any... it was his one and only chance to finish off what was left.  I practically force fed the spoon to him.  And then made him go to bed without supper.

Except for he had 12 burritos to eat.  So, his punishment was postponed and will have to wait for a day that I'm not cooking.  

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  1. Dad loved the burritos, and I loved having some of the hershey pie that you sent to my house for the kids that were spending the night. I cheated, though! I added nuts!! HA!! Love, mom