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Monday, March 14, 2011

Magnificent Muffins For A Monday

Mondays can be tough. 

They can be long.

They can be stressful.

Which is why I made the most delicious muffins last night.  To ensure my survival.

And keep my wits about me.

Except for that is a lie. 

And way too dramatic.  Even for a Monday.

I really just made the muffins because the time was right.  And the bananas were perfectly ripe.  And I just couldn't wait any longer. 

It was just an added bonus that I had them to brighten up my Monday.

I've been holding on to this recipe for a while now.  Daydreaming about the pictures and the ingredients and the thought of making these every week to ensure our endless supply.

I got the recipe from Faith at Gracefulfitness .  She claims them to be the best muffins EVER.  And I tend to agree. 

The only problem..... the recipe requires three very ripe bananas.

And with Kev on constant "produce patrol" - that is almost impossible.

I had to lay down the law and forbid him from eating the older bananas.

He was afraid to step in the kitchen for days. 

Except for that he really wasn't. 

He just went about his business and ate the newer bananas instead.

The muffins were super easy to put together - and with the exception of having to change out parts on the food processor - it took about five minutes.

The absolute very best part is the filling.

It will make your taste buds throw their hands up in the air and dance for days.

And to think that it is only a ripe banana, some salted crunchy peanut butter, and vanilla.

I could put this stuff on pancakes, cupcakes, fruit, my fingers... you name it.  It is just that good.  And tastes so rich ( at least it does to my  new found taste buds)

The muffin mix is not too shabby itself.  I finally got to lick a bowl clean....

These were done in no time.  I can see me making them every Sunday night for us to eat through out the week.

Kev ate two for breakfast.  And I ate one with a Chobani vanilla greek yogurt.  Which just about put me in to a happiness coma - it was just that good!

My only regret was that I didn't put enough filling in to the muffins.  I thought I filled them up per the recipe but ended up with plenty left over.  Which I happily ate with a spoon.  So, next week I will definitely make sure to put more of the heavenly "frosting" inside.

I already have the bananas set aside....  getting as speckled as they possibly can.... hoping to be chosen for the next batch.

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