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Monday, March 21, 2011


I am so happy that Spring is here.  And brought good weather to go along with it.

Our first day of Spring was spent working around the house.  Getting our home in tip top shape for the new season.

First on the agenda was packing up these guys.... (and gal)

It is all about flowers and flip flops now.

I also pulled up a ridiculous amount of weeds.... I really have got to stay on top of that a little better.  It is my ONLY outdoor responsibility after all.

And then I did the best I could to "assist" Kev with a million other chores that our yard required.

Like picking up trash!  I HATE littering!! It just boils my blood.  One day the car in front of me was throwing all kinds of things out their windows.  I kept saying their license plate number over and over in my head so I would remember it.

Until I realized that I had no idea who I was supposed to call.

So, I just gave them the angry stare.  From  behind.  They never even noticed me.

Anyhoo, it seems that people that drive up and down our street enjoy eating at Taco Bell, Church's Chicken, and Hardees.  And then love to wash it all down with a Bud Light or a fifth of Jim Beam.

All of which I stuffed in garbage bags yesterday. 

Anyway... my rant is complete... moving on....

I helped as much as I could before I was told that the best help would be to make lunch.

Perfect!! That I can do!

We had a very productive but relaxing day.

Ending with the perfect Spring kick-off meal.  It involved mangoes.  And shrimp.  And I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Because tonight I have the house to myself.  At least until around 10pm.  Kev has a business meeting. 

I will be enjoying my control of the remote.  Probably watching important stuff on Bravo and TLC.  While I eat carrots and hummus (yes, that counts as a single girl's dinner!) and flip through a million cookbooks trying to decide what to make next month. 

It sounds like pure bliss!

And I just remembered that I have a lonely avocado..... Which means that I will be switching out guacamole for the hummus...

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