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Sunday, March 20, 2011


We were finally able to get together to celebrate two belated birthdays.

One was for this sweet princess.... born on March 6th.
Look at how small her little hand is compared to Randy's thumb.

She is such a tiny little bundle.  Still weighing less than five pounds. 

This was the first time that I had seen her outside of the hospital.  And it was Kev's very first time to meet her.

She is as precious as you can imagine.  Such a little sweetheart.

The other birthday was for my "Pops". 

His actual birthday (March 4th) was spent in Tampa watching the Yankees' spring training. 

Not too shabby if I say so  myself.

He has a obnoxious  normal obsession with all things Yankees.  And University of Kentucky.  And other things that I don't have time to document.

His birthday attire speaks for itself.
"Why am I opening presents?  My birthday was weeks ago."

"So, my birthday celebration technically lasts the entire month?"

"That is freaking hilarious!"

The above picture perfectly captures the expression I have seen on my Dad's face for the majority of my life.  I just wish you could hear the laugh that goes along with it.

More Abigail lovin'....

Mom made Dad his very own sugar free birthday cake.  She told him he could cut it however he wanted....
Never a dull moment in that house.

It was so much fun to see everyone.... and celebrate... and give Abigail some love.

Except for Kev gave her some love from far away.  He claims that he doesn't hold babies until they are fifteen or potty trained.  Which ever comes first.

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  1. I love this blog because:
    1. Dad looks like Papa Smurf!!
    2. Abigail looks adorable!!
    3. Abigail's hand looks so tiny next to Randy's thumb!!
    4. Abigail's bibs are bigger than she is!!
    5. Dad looks so sweet holding Abigail!
    6. I can hear dad "honking" in his laughing pics!
    7. Families are special!! Thanks, Mom