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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going Green

As you know, we (I) think holidays are just about the greatest thing ever.  They give me a reason to have fun, act crazy, and create yummy menus that go along with the celebration.

Except for I pretty much do that every single day.

Every day should be a celebration if you think about it.

And I do think about it.  A lot. 

It also doesn't just have to be about one meal.  It can be an all day party if you want it to be.

And I did.

So, I started the day off right with the infamous Green Monster.

It made me feel lucky.

Then I headed to my favorite in town hot spots... Publix and Fresh Market.

And continued with the green theme.

Green as in good for the environment.

I've actually been using these bags since the beginning of the year. ( New Year's resolution) Except for I ALWAYS forget about them and have to go back out to my car.  Or buy more.  But today, I somehow remembered the first time in.

I love how much they hold.  I love not having a million plastic bags.  I love doing something good for this World.  Every little bit helps.

Something else we do that is green.  We recycle. 

And we don't need any fancy bins or trash cans. 

A simple garbage bag tied to the wall below the beer fridge does the trick.

A beer fridge that is full of Diet Mt. Dew (also green!) and La Croix water.

 We are such party animals these days.

Continuing with the St. Patrick's Day theme.....

I found (and purchased) this butter...

 Word on the streets is that this is the BEST freaking butter you will ever eat.  And supposedly it is hard to find except for this time of year. 

I wouldn't know - because until a month ago, I had never heard of it.

But I had to have it!  Because it is the best!  And it is all natural and perfect and as good for you as butter can be.

I'm sure it will make some delicious cookies. 

And will become best friends with my favorite bread.

Along with this...

 Also from Ireland.  Also hard to find ??

It insisted on jumping in to my cart.  It is cheese after all. 

Unfortunately though, I had to give up toilet paper for the cheese.  Because I have challenged myself to stick to a budget every time I grocery shop.  It is a way to keep my hobby in check.  And is also a fun game to play.

I love games.

Except for today when I refused to lose to my pre set budget challenge and I opted against the t.p. 

We only have three rolls left.

But at least we have the cheese.

It's a good thing we have extra napkins right now.

And a yard full of weeds.

I started preparing dinner and Kev came home.

He was wearing green! Darn him.

Not only a green pullover ... but a green t-shirt as well. 

I was secretly proud even though I didn't get to pinch.

Didn't you hate it in elementary school when you would get your life pinched out of you for not wearing green?

Was it just me?

Don't answer that.

I never got a chance to be the pincher.  I was always running away from every one else.

So, Kev said I could pinch him anyway.  Because he is so good to me.

It is not as fun when you are given permission.

But our dinner made every thing all right.

Best St. Patrick's Day meal I've ever had.

Details coming soon.....

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