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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Perfect Day

I'm sitting here in a state of happiness.

With a belly full of the most delicious dinner.

A dinner that I didn't make.

And even though it is raining cats and dogs out there ( it sounds like it literally is!!) and our power is flickering on and off..... I still proclaim this day to be PERFECT.

I had been waiting for it all week.

A day with gorgeous weather.  Not too hot... Not too cold... but just right.

And it did not disappoint.

I chose to celebrate by heading out to my favorite place.

My back yard.

And after I slathered on a gallon and a half of 30SPF sunblock..... I served lunch.

Pool side.

I had a double decker turkey club sandwich waiting for Kev when he got home from work.  Along with some Fritos and BLT dip.  ( I got the dip recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. )

With the exception that I made WAY too much for just one person with a very tiny mouth to eat, Kev thought it was very good.

We will see if he still thinks that when he is eating it a week from now.

( It would be an awesome dip to make for a party!!)

While Kev started his chores I set up our lounging area.
Complete with our NEW towels.  Given to us as Christmas gifts from my parents.  I've been dying to use them.... not only because they are so cute.  Or because they are new and not full of stains and holes.  But because they have our names embrodiered on them.

It keeps us from fighting.

Kev never got to use his though... because he did chores all the live long day.  I helped for a little bit... but the sun and some good magazines were calling my name.  Not to mention I needed a nap.

I enjoyed as much of the day as I could.  And didn't even work out until about 6:30pm. 

After which I showered and put on my favorite pink seersucker shorts ( which I haven't worn in five years) and a white tank top.

Kev was cooking  grilling our dinner.  And I wanted to look my best while I was sitting back, sipping lemon water, and enjoying the evening.

I am SO happy that Spring is finally here!

And I will tell you all about our meal in my next post.  It was so good that it deserves it's own.

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  1. I am so glad that you got to enjoy your new towels! I had the plan to do the same. I asked dad to put the cushions on the pool lounge chairs on Friday, so that we could enjoy the pool on Saturday. Well, I took Ashlynn shopping for being the best big sister and mother's helper ever, and the day got away from me. That's okay, though. Plenty more sunshine to come!! I love the new season also! Love, mom