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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve

Holidays are so much fun when you are a kid.

And then you grow up. And lose interest. Or don't have the time. Or feel like the celebration is not necessary.

Until you discover how much you enjoy cooking food. And creating dinner parties.

And then the holiday becomes important again. And special. And necessary to experience in your life.

At least this is how I feel about Valentine's Day.

And lucky for you... you can read about our last two Valentine's Day celebrations here and here.

Bless your hearts if you do.

We celebrated on Sunday this year.... because #1. I was working Monday night. And #2. I find it much more fun to create a big meal together when it has been a nice relaxing day... more importantly when Kev has had a nice relaxing day OFF of work.

Even if he did spend 27 hours working on the house and the yard.

Kev started off our celebration with some delightful drinks. Light, pineapple-y, and totally refreshing. He called it a Malibu Breeze. I need these drinks in my life. On a regular basis. And I plan on having them served throughout the summer. Out by the pool. Whether Kev has to work that day or not.

Except for I have no idea how to make them. So, I am at his mercy.

It is like I always say..."Every one needs lot of pineapple in their life".

Except for that is the first time I've ever said that.

I blame it on the drink(s).

Next, he started on the beef tenderloin. Which just happens to be my new favorite cut of beef. And Kev definitely knows how to cook it perfectly. Perfectly medium.

He pan seared the beef and then baked it for about 17 minutes.

Perfection in every bite.

But due to the fact that we don't really eat much red meat these days.... and perhaps the other fact that beef tenderloin is pretty expensive.... this entree will only be served for special occasions.

Lucky for me, I can come up with a special occasion just about every week.

And like I always say "good food is worth the expense".

And I really do ALWAYS say that. Every time I look at my grocery store receipts.

While the beef was cooking... I worked on the mushroom parmesan risotto.

We had never had risotto before ( at least I don't think we have) and I chose it because it sounds fancy and hard to make. But it really isn't. And basically it "tastes just like rice". Which is what Kev said after I built it up to be such an important side dish.

I have a tendency to exaggerate sometimes. But only every once in a while. :)

Regardless, it was delicious! And even better with all of the fresh mushrooms stirred in.

We also had roasted broccoli ( my new go-to vegetable) and the rest of the cheddar garlic bread from Great Harvest.

(Actually, just the rest of the loaf we had been eating on all week.... I have a freezer stocked full of it in case of emergencies)

This meal was so yummy! But so rich and filling. I only ate HALF of my tiny piece of beef... and I still got the meat sweats!

I seriously woke up the next morning craving a simple salad.

Who have I become?

For dessert I kept it simple. Just about as simple as you can get.
It seems that these Munchkins were a favorite of Kev in his youth. He had (randomly) mentioned this information to me weeks prior... and I stuck his comment in the back of my brain and made sure I went to get them as his "Valentine's Day" surprise.

I grew up on Krispy Kreme and was not aware of the Munchkin. Or that they came in multiple flavors. Or how to even order them to ensure a meaningful gift. So, when I nervously ordered 24 and the lady behind the counter just started throwing in random flavors... I panicked.

But, luckily, they were exactly as Kev remembered. Except for that he said as much as he appreciated me getting them... he likes my desserts much better. It seems I have spoiled him a little.

He is too sweet.... and definitely knows how to melt my heart. And how to get me to make him desserts every week.

Which, as it comes to no surprise, I would be thrilled to do.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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