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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Grocery Fix

I hope that I am able to write this post intelligently. Because at this moment there is a party going on in my mouth.

From this heavenly delight....
From my favorite grocery store: Trader Joe's.

The hummus was a recommendation for me to purchase on my next trip.

And I owe the girl who recommended it my first born child.

Too bad she will have to settle for a "thank you".

I just returned home from a "quick" grocery trip to my new favorite city in South Carolina. And I have officially stocked our pantry for the next MONTH.


It just took me SIX trips to carry all of the groceries in. And every thing is double bagged in PAPER bags and filled to the brim.

My neighbors must think that we are preparing for a Minnesota type snow storm. Or a nuclear event. Or just a fun weekend filled with food.

Except for they could care less who we are or what we do. As long as we don't interrupt their daily fireworks or trespass on their property.

I was more prepared this time around. For the grocery shopping. I had been making a list for a month. And then compared some prices on line and realized that I could get most of our monthly food requirements at Trader Joe's for a MUCH better price. And then could also stock up on some other items that have a long shelf life.

Like almond butter with sea salt.

Which is my new addiction.

I spring out of bed every single morning to get a spoonful.

Minus the "spring" part.

When the lady ringing me up commented on how full my cart was... I explained that I had driven in from Columbia to stock up for the month ( or two or three) and that my husband had gotten me an ice chest to put fridge/freezer food in for the drive home.

Yes. That is a true story.

And yes. She was impressed. In fact, she turned around and told the guy working next to her.

And I'm sure they are still making fun of me at this very moment.

Two things that I will do just about anything for: good food and a good deal.

(Don't forget that. You might need that piece of information some day.)

I also went to Whole Foods. With another list. But didn't do nearly as much damage because I had already purchased so many things that I needed at T.J.'s.

But I will say that I could just stand in their produce section for a week. And would be the happiest person in the world.

Whole Food's produce section is like Gold's Gym's yoga classes.

Something that I cannot live without.

And last but certainly not least. I went to Great Harvest Bread Company. I had called the day before to order the bread that I wanted. ( They don't make the same bread every day.) ( And yes, I keep their bread schedule in my "favorites" on my computer)

Wait until you see what gloriousness that I got there.

I was going to take a picture of all the groceries. Just to give you an idea of how much I purchased for such a reasonable amount.


1. I couldn't get all of the food in one shot. No matter where I stood.

2. I couldn't get the food to stand still. Every "body" was too busy doing a meet and greet.

3. I needed to get all the fridge/freezer stuff put away.

4. I was just TOO hungry at this point. And needed some white bean hummus in my life and in my mouth.

5. I decided to show you little by little in blog posts. Kind of like what I am doing with all my wonderful Christmas gifts.

6. I needed to go to the bathroom.

So, there you have it. I'm having a wonderful day. I'm pretty easy to please. The gym and the grocery store. And a yummy dinner planned for tonight.

And yes. I did go to the gym this morning. Before I drove to Greenville. And I still haven't showered - much to Kev's dismay.

That's what over sized jackets and hats are for.

And Febreze.

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