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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In A New Orleans State Of Mind

I THOUGHT today was the start of Mardi Gras. I THOUGHT that I had a plan to kick off the celebration in a delicious way. I THOUGHT that you would all be impressed.

But that is what I get for thinking.

Some times I think I would be better off just muddling my way through life letting other people tell me what to do.

But then I would be miserable. And I wouldn't be able to give you any reasons to laugh.

You see, when I was looking up Mardi Gras in google.... I wrote in my planner the first date that I saw. Not noticing that it was for 2010. Which, um... , is last year. Duh!

And I didn't even realize it until I was excitedly telling my party plans to a girl at work and she quickly corrected me saying that .... the date changes every year.... and it is based on when Easter falls.... and it was most definitely March 8th this year.... and lots of other things that I never knew about Mardi Gras. It seems that I have always only associated it with spicy food, king cake, beignets, and beads.

And what you have to do to get the beads.

Shame on me.

But that is one of the reasons I love to have these kinds of celebrations. For the knowledge. It is important to keep learning even when you are out of school. Right?

So, after much stressful deliberation and the fact that I had already planned this meal a month in advance... I decided to go ahead with it. It can either be a PRE-Mardi Gras celebration OR a "remembering 2010's Mardi Gras with fondness".

Or just a fun night filled with good food.

Regardless, I've got some memories to share with you. And I need for them to tide you over until I #1 actually cook the dinner and #2 actually get it posted.

So, in the meantime please sit back, relax, and enjoy. All four pictures that I have.

Of our family trip to New Orleans. Circa 1984. Good times.

My Dad (long legs Lenore) had to go for business.

My Mom LOVED (and she still does) to travel and show us as many beautiful places as she possibly could. Something about refinement and culture.

Minus the refinement. We were from Alabama.. don'tchaknow.

So, we packed up the completely carpeted (walls/floor/ceiling/seats) van and headed to Louisiana.

I was obviously TOO sexy and cool for this trip. But I did it anyway. Because I was just twelve and I had no choice.

However, it was one of those trips that just "stayed" with me. I loved every single second of it. Even if I was an angry/annoying/complaining tween.

I was very good at hiding my happiness under my white rimmed shades. I was pretty good at it, actually, because it would have been AWFUL for my parents to see that I was enjoying myself.

The highlights of our trip ... in my opinion.... were...

1. Getting our whole family in to a hot tub on the ROOF of the hotel. I'm absolutely positive that we were completely annoying to the other adult patrons of that place.... in fact, I remember a couple walking up only to get frustrated that we were taking the entire thing up. And may or may not have been doing cannonballs off of the side.

2. Getting to sample my Dad's bowl of spicy gumbo! Out of this world! I've always loved spicy foods and I thought that eating that gumbo was the coolest thing ever! And probably the first time I had seen a shrimp without it's fried sleeping bag on.

3. Eating beignets at a cafe down by the river front. Holy donuts! They were 25cents a plate. And we probably ate $5 worth and then filled our pockets with the remaining powdered sugar to eat later. It is kind of like eating a Fun Dip - except your finger has to act as the candy stick.

4. Going to the huge mall and purchasing a Wham! button (that I promptly placed on my shirt) as my New Orleans souvenir.

And then we had a "low" light. Waking up on our last day and finding out that our crumb coated carpeted van had been broken in to. In a parking garage where there was 24 hour security. And they took our dust buster ( that we clearly didn't use) and our box of Country music cassette tapes.

So frustrating!!! For us and for "them". I'm sure they thought they were breaking in to the pimp mobile of the century. And all they got were some John Denver greatest hits cassettes and a medi ocre car vacuum. Oh well... I guess in some way that is karma getting involved.

And now I feel that I must comment on the pictures. Because it is necessary.

1. I would like to title the first picture "LEGS". Because, obviously, my family loves to show them off. Specifically, my Dad who is doing his darnedest to get the most attention for his short shorts. And knee socks.... you can't forget about those gems.

2. Bethany was NOT born yet. So, don't be worried that we have left her alone in a roof top hot tub or something like that. And even if we did... there wouldn't be anything you could do about it now.

3. Dave looks completely and utterly miserable in every picture. He was probably just realizing that he had FOUR older sisters - one that was too cool for school - and bickering with each other was their favorite past time.

4. Shannon's arms were clearly made for carrying around babies every where she went. If you recall.. she is expecting her fifth child in April.

5. Yes, in two of the pictures the girls are wearing shirts that say "I'm the big sister" and Dave is wearing one that says "I am the little brother". I feel I should point out though that MY shirt was an original and was "air brushed" by a t-shirt artist. ( I'm sure he loved his job that day!) And I only made it even cooler by attaching my newly purchased Wham! pin.

6. My Dad sure loved to wear short shorts. I feel like he should have starred on The Dukes of Hazard.... but not as a car driver... just the eye candy that washed the cars and leaned across the hood.

7. Why am I SOOO much taller than my siblings in every picture. I am only three years apart from Shannon. Being a giant sucks. Until you realize that you had your growth spurt when you were three and you are not going to get any taller than you are.

8. And now for my favorite one....

Nice blue shorts, Kim. Why don't you pull them up a little higher and show some more of your leg. And how about the guy standing next to my Mom. He is certainly "putting off the vibe" to us.

It amazes me how we used to have NO idea how our pictures would turn out. We just had to hope and pray and claim that they weren't ours if they didn't.

So, to summarize.... I've been to New Orleans once. I LOVED it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cajun food. We are celebrating Mardi Gras early. Because I feel like it. And not only am I making jambalaya... but I am also attempting beignets. I have to know the extent of my talents. But I will tell you all about them regardless of the outcome. Old family pictures are the BEST!

I'm also hoping to win the bead contest tonight. I'm determined to get the most.

My motto is "whatever it takes". ( And that usually goes for every thing)

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  1. This post made me want to go to New Orleans, too. Cafe Du Monde... yum! Love the pictures!!