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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Grocery Fix

I realize that I have an addiction.

An addiction to specialty grocery stores.

Whatever happened to my addiction to shoes? or clothes?

I have become "that person" - the person that would chose a bag of kale over a pair of skinny jeans.

You can't see me right now. But I'm embarrassed. Or actually, I guess that I am relieved. That the secret is out.

If you hadn't already figured that out by now.

I should work in a specialty grocery store. I could walk around and entertain guests with stories of food and what tastes good and what tastes better. I may even volunteer to come over and cook for them. As long as I could take home leftovers to feed the Kev.

I think it would work out perfectly.

At least in my head it does.

So, next week I have a trip planned to Greenville. To visit my three favorite places. And just in case you need me to tell you again as if I haven't mentioned it on this blog seventy trillion times.... Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Harvest Bread Company.

I have a running list. I have even googled the things that I MUST have in my life.

In moderation, of course. ( Yeah right - I never learned the definition of moderation)

Kev is worried. As he should be.

He should probably cancel my credit card before I get there.

So, it is a good thing that he reads these posts a week behind. He will already be enjoying the delicious treats that I bring home. And will forget all about what it cost.

I hope.

Today, though, I was having withdrawals. I needed to smell the deliciousness of fresh produce and home made bread. And health.

It is good for my soul.

So, I braved the rainy/cold weather and headed out to Fresh Market.

I guess you can say that I was "pre-gaming" my shopping trip next week.

But before you question my proclamation to SAVE MONEY. And USE COUPONS. Never fear. I'm still doing it. Just not at an extreme.

I still look for the best deals. I still plan. Plan. And plan some more. And I do my best to maximize our groceries.

Except for in December. I blame that on the holidays.

Our monthly meal plan is put together for February. Complete with grocery lists for each week. I do one BIG trip at the beginning of the month for the meat, frozen stuff, dry goods, some dairy, and misc. Then each week, all I have to get is produce and milk.

It seems to be working out pretty good. Except for when I see something that was not on my list and I feel like I have to have it.

Which is why I created a new rule today. I could go spend some time happily browsing the wares at Fresh Market. But I could ONLY buy things that I absolutely needed for some upcoming meals. I had to have a plan. No more buying stuff just to say I have it.

It's not like I go to a middle school for food lovers.

And I did SO good. This is all I came home with....

Cheapest trip ever.

( Don't you hate it when you are trying to take a group picture and every one won't look up at the camera at the same time?)

( Or maybe it is the photographer's poor skills)

Kev had asked for some salsa after our incident the other night where I put SIX chipotle peppers in the casserole because we were out. So, I bought him some chipotle salsa.

I like to meet him in the middle that way.

I also got tortillas ( our favorites and the only place I can get them. 13g of fiber each!)

General Tso sauce.

The salsa.

Some healthy organic tortilla chips. To better enjoy the salsa with.

And this....

I know. Scary. I've never had sardines before. But word on the street is how AMAZINGLY good they are for you. And I can't pass up a healthy recommendation. I at least have to give it a try. Luckily for me they come already de-boned and scaled. That was the one thing I was worried about. That Kev was going to have to feed me whole fish like he would feel a seal.

And then to get another sardine, I would have to slide on over and press a horn.

And then clap for myself.

I had nightmares about it.

But now that I discovered this stuff, I am planning to make it like I would tuna fish. And hope for the best.

I wonder if my Dad had anything to do with sardines being placed on the SUPER FOOD list.

It's one of his favorites. Along with herring.

I think he may actually have "seal" in his blood.

I also came up with the challenge to give myself a budget each month for food. I'm not writing it down any where because it might change depending on which store I go to and what kind of mood I am in. But I feel that if I budget myself, I can plan our meals better and make them more cost efficient.

OR maybe we will just eat really great the first two weeks and live off of brown rice and tuna fish (or sardines) the last two weeks.

Regardless, I will let you know how my plan works out.

Hopefully, it will get me a high-five and a thankyouverymuch from Kev.

And last but not least... I had a little treat in the fridge at work. With my name on it.

It was from Staci. Creator of the Staci Special.

She shares my love for good food and had recently told me about a place called Cribb's Sandwich & Sweet Shop. Located in Lexington.

I actually drive right by it several times a week and had never heard of it before.

She informed me about their incredible pimento cheese. Something that I have to have in my life.

Delicious pimento cheese. The stuff dreams are made of.

And then she stopped by the sandwich shop and picked up some for me to try.

It is so rich and creamy and flavorful. It is like some one commanded a lot of wonderful cheesy things to get in to a styrofoam cup and have a party.

And they were thrilled to do it. Heck, I would be thrilled to jump in a cup of this stuff and have a party too.

I taste tested it on my favorite cracker. The olive oil and cracked pepper Triscuit. The rest is planned for a sandwich. On soft sourdough bread.

The best thing I can think of to brighten up working on a Saturday. :)

You better believe that I am now planning a visit to Cribb's. I am also after a slice of their rumored multi layered caramel cake. It is rarely made. And is first come first serve.

And I have officially just added it to my bucket list.

Oddly enough... most things on my bucket list are food related.

What a surprise!

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