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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine's Surprise!

Ok. So, after all of the "we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day that much" posts..... I've realized that we really do.

In a laid back kind of way.

Except for this year wasn't really all that laid back.

And involved me receiving this...

Completely unexpected! But almost as exciting as receiving my dream camera. In fact, I've decided that all I need in life to be happy is my camera and my new phone.

Oh... and Kev.

And family. And friends.

And caramel macchiatos.

And almond butter.

And Trader Joe's.

And I can't forget pizza. Or beef tenderloin. Or caramel cupcakes.

Ok. So, maybe I'm a little more complicated than I originally thought.

But still.... I am LOVING my new phone. At least the things that I know how to do on my new phone.

It seems to be just as complicated as I am.

( Which is sarcasm.... because according to my list above... all I need to be happy is food and electronics with the occasional family member and/or friend sprinkled in)


Kev is pretty much the best "surpriser" EVER! He gets me every single time. And for some one that doesn't care much for surprises.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE his.

Except for that I always feel so sorry for him because it takes me forever to even notice that there is something different in the room. Or that he is trying to surprise me. So, by the time I figure it out... I'm sure he is ready to cram whatever it is in to my face and call it a day.

But this time... he went out of his way to make sure I realized what was going on.

He set up a bar stool directly in my path of walking in to the room. And put the phone on the bar stool. And even stretched his arms and legs out from his recliner and yelled "ta-da" or "wah-la" or "voila" or whatever he said with his eyes wide open and a big smile on his face.

And it still took me a minute. Because I couldn't figure out why the bar stool was in the middle of the floor... and was about to just walk around it. And I thought that his "ta-da" was him welcoming me home from a long day of work - which I thought was super sweet - especially at 10:30 at night.

Even the several texts he sent me while I was at work never led me to believe any thing was going on.... even though the texts were about my Verizon account.

(I'm telling you.... I'm oblivious. I have a one track mind.)

But then I saw it. And I realized what was happening. And I was thrilled!!!

Now I can do so much more when I'm away from home. Like read blogs. And search recipes. And tweet!!

Speaking of tweeting.... I need some one to teach me the ropes. I want to be obsessed with it but need to get it figured out.

( I love how I WANT to be OBSESSED with something)

But then again... I guess I should learn how my phone works before I try anything else.

Oh. And I definitely need a new case. I can't be a good tweeter without a pretty case. One with polka dots and my monogram.

You know... just the basics. Nothing too complicated. :)

And don't worry about Kev. He got himself one too. For Valentine's Day. Because couples with matching phones are cute.

I feel so hip now. And young. I may even start watching MTV again. If they ever create a cooking show. "Sixteen and cooking"... it sounds like a winner.

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