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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recovering From a Long Holiday Weekend.....

Ok... so I haven't blogged for a while ( just 6 days to be exact - but that is long for me since I have started this new obsession of telling you all about our lives)... but you have to understand how exhausting and insane it is to have THREE holidays in one weekend.. AND the fact that I DO have a job that I work very hard at (mostly). So, I know you know what three holidays I am refering to.. but just in case I will list them out...

1. Friday the 13th

2. Valentine's Day

3. President's Day

Yes! Friday the 13th IS a holiday! At least it is in my family... and I did write an entire blog about it. I didn't receive very good reviews... so, I'm thinking it freaked several of you out...especially Bethany. She apparently relived some torture from her youth. It was good to hear that my torture had been passed down throughout the years.

I don't know about you... but holidays are HUGE in my family.. and by HUGE I mean WE GO ALL OUT AND DECORATE INSANELY! Well, at least my parents do. I am not even joking with you when I say that my Mom celebrates EVERY single holiday (some real and some made up).... to the extreme. Growing up it seemed like every morning at breakfast she was telling us something we were celebrating. This celebration would include a "themed" meal, gifts, and stories. We would even celebrate things such as someone lost a tooth ( unless it was an adult - and then we would pray for them), someone got their first bra, or someone slept through the night without wetting the bed ( again with the prayers if it was an adult). I cannot even begin to count the number of celebrations we had when my Mom announced she was pregnant. ( I would usually hide under the table and suck my thumb) In Bethany's ( the youngest) case, we would have a party every month on her birthdate - the 18th - to celebrate how many months she was old. For example, she was 273 months old yesterday. Me and Kev celebrated at dinner last night even though she wasn't even here. It is not her fault that she is the favorite. :-)

And then there are the decorations.... we are not just talking about setting out a couple of knick knacks and calling it a holiday... no, that would be too easy. It is more like spending an entire day ( a week if it is Halloween or Christmas) decorating every inch of the house. My mom is extremely proud of her decor and will spend 30 minutes pointing out everything new that she has added that year. I don't know how she keeps it all straight. Once, my Dad was missing for a week. She had mistaken him for a tree and had decorated him in sequins, glitter, spandex, and tinsel..... now that I think about it... maybe that was the story they "told" us but he was really dressed that way for another reason.... you never know. A day in the life of my parents would be newsworthy for a hundred blogs.... and that is NO joke!

Have any of you noticed how difficult it is for me to stay focused? If you are ever talking to me and I start to ramble about something else.... a pinch will do the trick - it doesn't matter where.

Ok- As you know, Valentine's Day was Saturday. Now we don't usually do much for this holiday because we have birthdays, Christmas, and our anniversary back to back to back. We would go all out before we were married (on our first V-Day we worked at Little Caesars pizza -together-and Kev made me close my eyes and he surprised me with a box of chocolates - I'm sure I was in the middle of making a pizza -so, I apologize to the person who received the pizza that I made with my eyes closed)... and then after we got married we would just exchange cards.... until the Valentine's Day of 2003 when I rushed out to buy my last minute card amongst a group of a million other people that waited until the last minute. I finally get home with my card, walked in the door and Kev says "We don't exchange cards anymore for Valentine's Day - do we?" I said no and stuck it in a drawer. I remember the date because I still have it in the bag with the receipt. Maybe I could sell it on Ebay..... Anyway, back to the current V-Day. I offered to close on Saturday night so the other managers I work with could go out with their hunnies. See... sometimes I AM capable of doing nice things - but don't tell anyone. But just because I was did not mean that I didn't have time to do something special. One of the best ways to show your love is with food.... I apparently LOVE myself A LOT because I give myself food all of the time. So, I came up with the great idea to make pancakes... and not just any pancakes.. but heart shaped ones. I even got up super early to make them to surprise Kev on his way out to work. And if any of you have ever experienced me first thing in the morning... especially this early (8 am) you would understand the love that went in to making these. In case you are wondering.... it is the Bisquick recipe plus sugar and vanilla. I then dust them with powdered sugar, cut up bananas ( sorry Kamille) and put syrup on top.

Kev said it made him feel "all warm and fuzzy inside". He really said that.... I would not make that up. He was definitely surprised and it was a lot of fun. Who knew that eating pancakes in different shapes makes them even more delicious! I, of course, went right back to bed after he left.

On Sunday we went over to my parents.... and you are NEVER going to believe what we did there..... CELEBRATED VALENTINE'S DAY! We ate a lasagne dinner on china.... her wedding china... yep, holidays are a big deal! I could tell you a million times and you would not understand the extent of our celebrations! We all wore festive colors (like red and pink), opened presents ,told each other that we loved them, and participated in every day Switzer obnoxiousness. A good time in my book!

FINALLY we have reached President's Day! We decided to carry on my Mom's tradition of coming to dinner dressed as your favorite president. Kev chose Bill Clinton. A robe, a cigar and a Big Mac - easy and comfortable costume. I chose Jimmy Carter because we have the same big white toothy smile and we both LOVE peanut butter. You have to state three facts and three rumors about the president you are respresenting. We then say (in unison) every president in order they were elected. It may sound kind of boring.... but in all actuality it is fun and educational. Invite yourself over next year - we would love to have you!

I have definitely inherited my parent's love for celebrating holidays....especially now that we have the space to decorate and enjoy them. It is very important for me to not only keep some family traditions but to also create some of our own. Don't worry.... I will be sharing EVERY detail with you......

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