The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day Of Rest

But not really.

Kev never rests.

I blame it on his restless leg syndrome. And strong work ethic.

He is always on the move. Always has a to-do list. Always has a plan for the day.

Sunday is his only day off from his "real" job. It is his one day to act as house manager/plant cultivator/Kim's assistant.

Which I'm sure makes him wish he was at his "real" job.

That is why a picnic was in order. To enjoy the gorgeous weather. And for us to get to spend at least 30 minutes together before his chores started calling his name.

As you can see, he was in too much of a hurry to even stop chewing for a decent picture.

He probably had just spotted a weed that needed to be pulled.

(I used to be the weed puller. Because I thought it was a one-time job. No body told me that they keep growing back so you have to stay on top of it. I think I became allergic to weeds....because my eyes glaze over when I see one)

Nothing like left over pizza, grapes, and diet Mt. Dew to fuel your day.

And finally he had time for a smile.... (even if it was forced)

Today I have big plans for him. As soon as he gets in from working in the yard.
I have asked him to be my personal weight-lifting trainer. I've got some leg muscles that need some tough love. I've got a calendar full of races this year... the first one is in only TWO weeks!
AND I have been accepted in to the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program. Which means there is a contract to read. Some "widgets" to add to the blog. And I may or may not "need" a twitter account by the end of the day.
All things that fall under the category of Kev's responsibilities. Mainly because I have a love/hate relationship with the computer. And reading contracts.
As for my responsibilities today.... well, at this very moment I am listening to the dishwasher run. I am making sure I stay close by in case it needs me. Plus my legs have to take some abuse in the weight room. So, it's important that they stay rested for now. Oh... and I am cooking dinner tonight. Something along the lines of beef tenderloin and mushroom risotto.
I should probably go take a nap.

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