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Sunday, February 27, 2011

While The Cat Is Away....

The mouse will play.

With food he has been missing over the last couple of months.
Fun snacks...

"Fish and Chips".  (So good with vinegar and tartar sauce!)

A chocolaty treat...

For the record, I had plans to make healthy banana peanut butter muffins.  But who knew that we could go through TWO bunches of bananas in ONE week. 

So, plan B was brownies.  And I'm sure that Kev is not complaining one bit.

And last but not least, a home cooked "comfort" food meal.  That he can spread out over a couple of days.  This meal was per his request - and I don't blame him because it is as comforting as food can get. 

Mine looks a little different because I added in some green beans ( gotta get the veggies in somehow) and three cups of rice.  ( I cooked the rice separately and added it in after the casserole had finished cooking.)

I also made some Sister Schubert wheat rolls ( they are amazing!) and brushed them with butter and honey. 

Kev will definitely be well fed over the next four days - whether he likes it or not.  :)

As for me, well, that will be another post.  But just know that it includes an ice chest and MULTIPLE plastic containers.

Some call my food planning obsessive, I call it SO MUCH FUN!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.... and hopefully got to enjoy some good weather!

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