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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-Up

I realize that Wednesday is just the middle of the week and therefore not necessarily the best day to conduct a wrap up.

But this week has already been so crazy and I feel the need to "wrap some things up" before I get in to even a busier rest of the week .... and a BUSIEST next week!

1. I'm on day four of my cleanse. So far so good. No crazy side effects or emergencies or anything unusual. ( wow. I just really made the whole process seem so scary- it is the drama queen in me) I was just a little tired the second day and did NOT make a good decision of going to Body Attack ( the hardest class that I take) but other than that I definitely am having great energy and focus and lots of super healthy food. I'm attributing my success so far to the fact that I have been eating pretty healthy since last August - so, there are not as many "toxins" to "cleanse".

2. I have somewhat conquered my "addiction" to caffeine - which means I am down to one glass a day. In the morning. And it is green tea. That deserves a pretty big "Holla!" in my book. However, I still am having a terrible time sleeping and have barely slept for the past four days. Kev says it is because I worry too much. So, I've decided my next detox will be to rid myself of worrying. Any ideas?

3. I will be traveling for work tomorrow (Greenville) and ALL NEXT WEEK ( Raleigh). I need to find a great bag that will hold my computer AND my camera. ( Kev just texted me and informed me that would be a backpack?? Nothing like looking like a middle schooler when you are trying to look like a professional. Who am I kidding... me looking like a professional... ha ha) I must take my blogging office on the road. It is the only thing that will keep me sane. And the fact that I requested a hotel with a great gym. I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to not having to drive 35 minutes to work out and I can just hop on an elevator to the first floor and get my sweat on.
And yes, I realize that I do have a home gym. That I rarely use. But that is beside the point.

4. And in case you were wondering what in the world I was going to do for food while I travel. (Because it was the FIRST thing I thought of) No worries. I immediately looked up Trader Joes and Whole Foods and BOTH are close to where I will be staying. So my plan is to use my daily food allowance ( given to me by the company) to grocery shop and ensure I have plenty of fruits and veggies and almond butter with sea salt. And maybe just hang out in both stores every evening to soak up as much goodness and happiness that I can stand.

5. Kev's relocation of his store is almost complete! HOORAY!! He has been working so hard and so much that I have barely seen him. Which is so strange when he has had the same predictable schedule for the entire time we have been married. It is me that usually comes and goes as I please. Not to mention that he has gotten sick in the process and is just a mess. ( I told him that a cleanse would probably clean him up... but I can't get him to jump on my bandwagon) Anyway, I had been saving these little delights as a rainy day treat for him... and this week seemed just a good time as any to make them..
And luckily it was super easy. Like just preheat the oven, bake them and put them on a plate easy.

And then I served them with what Trader Joe suggested that I do.
Kev was thrilled for about 30 minutes. Until his body aches started to come back and he had to go to bed early. But at least he had a bright second in his day.
6. Another AH-MAZING recipe that I made for him was this.
Creamy white chicken chili from Jenna. It is so creamy and delicious and comforting and truly hit the spot. Kev said so himself. I used Rotisserie chicken which made it even easier to throw together. And I took a lot of pictures which didn't do the recipe justice... so, I'm going to let you look at Jenna's pictures to get your fix. I actually made this two days before I started cleansing. Because I sure wouldn't be able to eat it right now... but it ranks right up there with the cornbread that I hold so near and dear to my heart. And may possibly be part of my celebratory dinner in 26 days. However, we have changed the name of it to chicken cholo. Because that is what my I-phone felt it needed to change the word chili to when I was texting Kev about the meal.
7. I'm running a race this weekend. On Saturday. It is the only thing that prevented me from not having to go to Raleigh straight from Greenville. And is the first race that I will be running since I've gotten my health groove back on. I'm SUPER nervous. And SUPER excited. And I need to go buy a new hat. Today. It is one of the thousands of things that I have to get done before I leave for G'ville tomorrow. You should see my list. It also includes watching last week's episode of Top Chef and yes, I will just go ahead and admit it... Toddlers and Tiaras ( I just can't help watching that show - it disgusts me and amazes me all at the same time. And unfortunately I'm addicted), blogging (yay! I'm about to cross something off of my list), and putting together a play list for my run.
8. My oatmeal concoctions that I pre made on Sunday have been perfect to start off my days this week. However, I was CRAVING my favorite breakfast of two runny eggs and a piece of Ezekiel toast... and I finally got my fill of it this morning. It was glorious! I wish there was some way that I could make up lots of batches of it and separate it out in my special bowls. But, alas, oatmeal will just have to do.
9. And now I really have to wrap this up. Because I have to go get my oil changed and get to the gym. Time's a wastin' folks.
Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

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