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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cuban Revolution

Don't be alarmed!

This post is pretty much all about food. 

I don't have the energy or brain power at the moment to talk about serious worldly subjects.

The Cuban Revolution was a place I experienced in Durham, NC. 

And it was pretty much the highlight of my trip!

But before I tell you about it....I need to tell you about my day.

Because it has been pretty awesome.

In a Snyder kind of way.

I started off by going to the gym.  I got there at 8am.  After not getting much sleep in the past week.

And last night was no exception.

I deliriously typed a blog post.  One that I had to go back and read today to even know what I posted.

I tossed and turned in the night. 

And then dutifully went to the gym.

Today was launch day.  And that means that they ( the gym people) reveal all the new classes.  And all the new music.  And anyone who is anyone attends.

Except for that I usually don't.  So, I don't know why I said that.

It is usually crowded.  Not to mention that I work most Saturdays.

But this one just worked out for me.

So, I took a step class.  And then a spin class.  ( My THREE hour spin class for charity is NEXT Sat!) And then exhaustedly (hope that is a word) crawled out the door.

After all of that, I still wasn't completely awake.  But I felt better.  And was happy to be sweaty.

Even though I spent most of the week that way.

I grocery shopped.  And fixed lunch.  And took a LONG nap.

And now I am eating pistachios and watching Kev clean the grill... for our upcoming dinner.  That involves something new (to us). 

But besides every thing else that is going on.. I can't seem to get the Cuban Revolution out of my head.


I went to Durham with two friends.  And I went to help out a friend.  Who just happens to be best friends with an old friend of mine.

So that is four friends in the same place.

Hopefully that all just made sense.

The last time I was there, I was on "the cleanse".  And I pretty much experienced NOTHING. 

Except for beans.  And carrots.

This time it was all about the food.  Within reason.  Of course.

And just so you know... my passion and obsession for food is a little embarrassing most of the time.  Kev gets me.  But some times that is about it.  So, it was refreshing for me to get to hang out with people that love food too.  Even if they were just saying that to make me feel better.

The two friends of mine who live there suggested that we go to a place called The Cuban Revolution.  Located in the Tobacco District.

I was up for anything.  As long as it didn't include cleaning.  Climbing ladders.  And throwing away heavy trash.

Except for I had never had Cuban food.  I had no idea what to expect.

The closest I had ever come to it is when I researched Gloria Estefan's Cuban restaurant in Orlando.  But when you are in Orlando for a short time and are unfamiliar with a certain type of food... you usually opt for what you know.

Which is anything with cheese, guacamole, and margaritas.

So, I went in to this adventure blindly.  But with more excitement than is customary for going to a restaurant for the first time.

I'm not that familiar with the Durham area... but where we ate seemed to be the coolest spot in the city.

It was outdoors.  Covered in white lights.  With great music.  And atmosphere.

I wanted to move there.  Forever.

The menu said that the food was Mexican and Caribbean inspired.

Luckily, I love both of those "inspirations".

I opted to experience as much as I could.  Without getting so full that I fell in to a coma.

It is a goal of mine these days.

So, I went with the Cuban sampler.
(sorry, picture taken by phone)

It had the following:  Yuca fries, tostones, maduros, and ham croquettes.  With an AMAZING chimichurri sauce to dip every thing in.

My dream come true!

The yuca fries were similar to the parsnip fries that I make.  The tostones were friend plantains ( a type of banana).  The maduros were similar to a potato chip - but thicker.  And the ham croquettes were fried bites of ham and cheese.

My eyes just rolled in to the back of my head as I typed all of that.

And not because I am possessed.

Because it was just that good.

I mean... fried bananas.  What is not to love? 

Every thing was exceptional.

But true to form... I didn't stop there.  I also ordered an empanada (beef with raisins) and mango salsa with chips.

I was in Cuban food heaven.

A place I hope to visit again.

It was SO good.  And every single bite was amazing!

They were even teaching salsa dancing lessons there.  Because it was just that cool of a place.

And I decided that I wanted to move there a.s.a.p.

Except for Kev would probably never go for it.  Unless, I drugged him and loaded our house up on a truck. 

Not only was the food and atmosphere great... but so was the company!  I loved spending time with friends!!

It was the best part of the week!

And just in case you are in the Durham area... in need of a delicious, fun atmosphered meal... please check them out...

The Cuban Revolution.

It will be worth it!  And you will definitely thank me!

And now I just need to work on some recipes so Kev can experience the same thing I did.

Except for I don't think he would let me teach him the salsa. 

Maybe I should tell him that Cuban dance involves breakdancing.

That would definitely seal the deal.

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