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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Country Cookin'

Makes you good lookin'.

At least that is what the sign in front of Lizard's Thicket says.

And just in case you aren't familiar with Lizard's Thicket.... it just happens to be the premier country cooking fast food (?) joint in the Columbia area.  A place that became the highlight of our move to Irmo from Birmingham back in 1991. 

My brother even choreographed a dance/rap/chant that expressed our love for the place.

My brother will hate the fact that I just told you that.

But that is what big sisters are for. :)

Typically, you do NOT associate country cookin' with healthy eating.  Which is why I had to put my beloved Paula Deen cookbook in the back of my pantry. 

And why I have to read Pioneer Woman's recipes through squinted eyes.

However, the current issue of Clean Eating has changed that theory.  And subsequently (wow.  big word for me.) has changed my life.

I've never seen so many delicious, amazing recipes in one single issue.  Ever.

I can't put the thing down.

Tonight's recipe was... Slow Simmered Steak with Onion Gravy and Mashed Potatoes.

We (Kev helped me make it!) started with the leanest cut of beef I could find.  Top Round -sliced very thin.  Kev seared it on one side for two minutes and then set it aside.

Next up was making the onion gravy.  Sliced onions, whole wheat flour, organic beef broth, salt and pepper.

He added the steaks back in.  And simmered for one hour and 15 minutes.
Yes, it does take a long time.  But most of that time is the simmering process... so, you can make it and leave it alone.... and go do things like laundry.  Or clean the kitchen.  Or just sit on the couch and read blogs.

Guess which one I chose to do.

At least until it was time to make the potatoes. 

Except for they were not just potatoes.  It was a cauliflower/potato mixture.  A very easy way to get veggies in to your meal.  Not that we need any help with that.  But kids (and veggie haters) will NEVER know the difference.

I chopped up the cauliflower and potatoes and put them in a steamer basket.  It only took 10 minutes for them to steam.

And then I added salt and pepper and unsweetened almond milk.  And mashed them to smithereens.

The cauliflower makes them extra creamy and light.

Introducing the finished product....

Oh my goodness!  It was so yummy!! The only thing missing was a biscuit.  It had wonderful flavor without being too heavy.  Kev says it is definitely a make again meal.

And now I will just have to find some biscuits that are made out of flaxseed.  Or soybeans.  Or something healthy that still tastes good.  :)

This meal was the perfect end to the perfect day.

A day spent celebrating my friend Brooke and her baby due in June.  Brooke is the first person I ever heard speak the word "blog".  And when she told me she had one... I didn't even know what one was.  Then I found out my cousin had one.... and the rest is history.

Brooke has surrounded herself with such amazing women.  And I was THRILLED to get to spend an afternoon with them! 

I am SO thankful for my friends.  :)

And last but not least.... I found out today that my cyber best friend ( who doesn't even know I exist), Pioneer Woman is starting her very own cooking show on the Food Network this summer!!  I am truly beside myself with excitement.  And I have already set the DVR to record every episode.

Except for there is no way that last sentence is true.  Because #1.  I have no idea how to set the DVR.  And #2.  I don't even know exactly when the show comes on.

But you know I am her biggest fan.  And I will be watching. Every single week. Even if I have to do it through squinted eyes. 

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