The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Box of Fabulous

It is no secret that I have severe issues with my workout clothes.

And I realize that "severe" is a pretty extreme word.

But I cannot tell you how many times my pants have fallen down.  Or my sports bra has fallen asleep on the job.  Or my over sized t-shirt has gotten caught in a heavy piece of machinery that has threatened my life.

And by heavy piece of machinery... I mean car door. 

I have spent many hours drooling over fancy work out clothes.... just to leave empty handed over the need to buy groceries or gray hair coloring or wrinkle cream.

It is so hard for me to spend money on something that I am just going to sweat my brains out in.

But then I read an article about the importance of wearing good fitting clothes when you are working out.  And not only good fitting, but cute and comfortable.  It said that you were more likely to hit the gym if you "loved" your outfit.

Not to mention that better fitting clothes means BETTER performance.

And at this point, I will do ANYTHING to improve my performance. 

Well, as long as it doesn't include drugs.  Or dancing.  Or pulling weeds. 

I don't like doing any of those things.

So, I had finally made up my mind to venture out and purchase some quality pieces for my fitness wardrobe.

Until I received a VERY excited text from Kev declaring that something amazing was waiting at home for me.

I'm sure you are wondering how a text FROM KEV could be "very excited".... but trust me... it was.  He used a couple of exclamation points. 

That is a big deal.

And warranted a speedy (but not too speedy) drive home.

To discover this:

 An endless supply of quality, great fitting, FABULOUS work out gear! 

Pants that don't fall down.  Bras that do what they are told.  Shirts that fit.  Shorts that I actually feel comfortable wearing.  AND two skorts. 

I've seen multiple women wearing the skorts at the gym and I think they are too cute.  Very feminine while ensuring a good workout.

Love.  Love.  Love.  LOVE!

There was even these shorts....
 Of which the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research. 

And you know that I am all about a good cause.

Much to Kev's dismay delight, I proceeded to try on each and every piece.  And then ran as fast as I could through the house to show him how awesome it was. 

And may or may not have done some other workout moves just for fun. 

And I probably yelled "WOO HOO" a couple of or a million times.

It was pretty epic.

And made Kev grateful that we moved out to the country so no one could hear or see me.

As far as the origin of the BOX OF FABULOUS...

The Fairy Godmother-like box had come all the way from Tennessee.  From my Aunt Sandi!

She had been reading my blog and wanted to surprise me with some new gear to help me with my workouts.... and my next race!

It was SO extremely thoughtful and generous!  I can't even believe it!!

I am so proud of my new duds that I haven't even put them away yet.  I'm planning a workout clothes reorganization tomorrow.  To get rid of the old and replace it with the new.

So far, I have worn pieces to Body Attack, Spin, and Pilates.  And loved every second of it.

Tomorrow will be my first chance to RUN!!  I can't wait to try out the pants.  And hope that the treadmill motor doesn't burn out because my legs are moving so fast.  :)

I attempted to get some good pics... but we have just been so busy the past couple of nights and without Kev snapping the pics.... they turn out like this...
And that, my friends, is the best one of the million that I took.  But never fear, my photographer will be back in action soon and we hope to get some good ones of the skort.

Because you need to know how awesome they are.  It's like when you were in elementary gym class and had to wear shorts under your dresses.  So you could do a cartwheel and no one could see your underwear.

Not that I have ever been able to do cartwheels.  But I did/do like to kick my legs up a lot.

Regardless, I can't wait to rock it out!

Thanks a million and a half, Aunt Sandi!!!! I appreciate it all more than you know!!!!


  1. Hi skinny minnie. You will look so hot in your new work out clothes. :)

  2. You look fabulous!!! Love you, Aunt Sandi