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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Obsessed

With Body Attack.  Yesterday I attended my first class in over a month.  I couldn't believe that it had taken me so long to go back.  Until I remembered that Body Attack + cleanse = disaster.

Luckily, I am finished with the cleanse.  So, Body Attack will be back on my schedule from now on.  The class made me realize that I am getting stronger as I completed TEN push-ups on my toes!  And also passed someone when we were running laps.  I'm usually the one getting passed so that was a pretty big deal. 

My legs are like short, heavy broccoli stalks.  And there is nothing I can do about it.

With organic eggs.

I've mentioned before that eggs are one of the things that I cannot compromise on.  And since I eat them just about every day, it is important to me to get the best. 

So, I stand and stare at eggs for what seems to be hours. 

And dream of the day that I have my own healthy chickens to produce them for me.

Ok.  That is a lie.  I could never raise chickens.  They poop too much.

Which happens to be the ONE issue that I have with farm fresh eggs.  They kinda smell and some times have remnants of chicken poop.

And since Kev and I have an aversion to cleaning poop off of things... I have to make sure that I pick the cleanest ones.

It is a serious process.  And I apologize for mentioning so much about poop.

This is what I came home with this week....

With sparkling water


It just so happened to be on sale.  I couldn't help myself.  The cashier commented that it looked like I was buying Easter because the boxes were so colorful.

Buying Easter sounds like fun. 

So is drinking the water.  It is such a nice change from the gallons of regular water I drink every day.

With a challenge.  I did something really crazy today.  I signed up for another Burnathon.  But this isn't just any Burnathon.  It is for THREE hours.  Three hours on a spin bike.  I hope my parts survive.

Regardless if they do or if they don't... it is for a great cause.  Diabetes.  And I'm happy to do it!

With warm weather.  Today was another beautiful day.  Not too much longer and I will be moving in to the pool permanently.  Or at least for the next five months.

And don't worry about Kev.  He will be moving in to the pool with me. 

At least until he comes up with some chores to do.

Because that is what he is obsessed with.  :)

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  1. I always buy cage free eggs too because I saw a really disturbing video about how mean they are to the chickens that produce regular eggs. Dave refers to cage free eggs as "nice eggs".