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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Farmer's Market

I would like to introduce you to my new glorious obsession.....
The South Carolina State Farmers Market.

It grand opened this past weekend.

And yes, I've been counting down the days on my calendar for MONTHS. 

Actually, the market isn't completely brand new.  It has been around for a while.  But it now has new and improved facilities.  And is HUGE.

And seeing as how I have NEVER been to a Farmer's market.... it is all new to me.

The new set up includes:

1.  A restaurant.  With amazing Southern food on the menu.  Specifically pimento cheese burgers!
2.  A demo kitchen.  Where they will host COOKING SHOWS!!!!  ( Sorry that I just screamed that but I'm super excited)
3.  A butcher shop.
4.  A bakery.
5.  Tons and tons of vendors with crafts, food, and plants/flowers.
6.  A produce store that is open from 6am-10pm EVERY DAY!

Did I mention that it is down the street from me?  Well, actually it is fifteen minutes away... but considering where I live it is pretty much down the street.

We treated the grand opening like a date.  Because every one knows how romantic produce and plants are.  Right?

Are we the only ones?

I envisioned sampling all kinds of foods.  And filling my trunk up with veggies.  And buying fresh breads.  And constantly telling Kev "no" when he repeatedly asked if he could buy some plants.

(We just had to register my house as a tropical rainforest. For Gaston map purposes. Except for there is no rain.  Only plants.  Millions and millions of plants.)

But unfortunately (fortunately for the market) the place was PACKED.

Like Disney World packed. 

Except I'm exaggerating.  A little.

Regardless of the crowds, Kev was able to find his own personal oasis immediately....

And then  proceeded to introduce himself to every last piece of greenery.
I'm sure we will have some new house guests soon.

The rest of the market was fabulous!  And so much fun!
There were plenty of things to sample.... like BBQ, home made dressings, hot sauces, breads, desserts, honey.... (not that we actually sampled anything)

There were even hand made goods.... wooden planters, baskets, soaps...
I'm sure there were so many things that we didn't even see.  I love the idea of buying local food.  And always love to buy things that are handmade. 

I can see the market and me becoming fast friends.

Especially if they keep the petting zoo around....

These turkey lurks were so much cooler than my featherless, albino next door neighbors. 

We think this is a llama.
I was too busy pushing children out of the way to notice.

By accident.  Of course.

It is important to get good pictures.  Even if I'm unsure of what I'm taking a picture of.

The camel...
Camels are a normal part of a petting zoo.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

The singing unknown animal...

And so many more that I couldn't get to.  You could feed them for $2.00... and let me just tell you that those animals will never be hungry again.

After Kev pulled me kicking and screaming from the random animals.... we started our produce shopping.

And I'm sure I caused a scene by saying out loud what every single fruit or veggie cost at Publix.  Because the price difference is insane.

And I suddenly realized that my grocery budget just got a little more manageable. 

Or at least I can spend more on peanut butter and cheese.  The important things.

We got all of this for $14.35!!!           


It would of cost us $35.00 plus at Publix.  Just in case you were wondering.

Not to mention that the produce was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I know that because we sampled just about every bit of it for dinner.

A dinner that I will show you on my next post.

In fact, most of the meals that I will post about this summer are probably going to include food from the market.

Consider yourself warned.

I just can't help myself.

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