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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Farmer's Feast

Before we even attended the Farmer's Market, I had already planned our meal around what we would purchase there.

Except for I had absolutely no idea what we would find.

So, I bought some shrimp from Publix just in case we needed a back up plan.

Because pretty much anything goes with shrimp.

Except for liver.  Nothing EVER goes with liver.  It is disgusting (to me!).

There is going to be a butcher at the market.  Eventually.  But when we went, he (she?) was working out of a camper.  And he (she?) had all the meat in ice chests. 

I was a little disturbed.

Thanks goodness I already had the shrimp.

 We decided just to focus on the veggies.

Corn on the cob.  Green peppers.  Red peppers.  Onions.

Kev put every thing on the grill.  Because he is cool like that.

And the less time I am in the kitchen... the less mess I make.
All I had to do was cook up some organic jasmine rice.

And then I was free to entertain him for the evening.

With singing.  And performances of The Robot.

It was pretty amazing.

This was one of the best meals we have had in a while.  So fresh.  And full of flavor.  And delicious!

Farmer's Market veggies are the greatest thing ever.  I don't think I will ever get mesmerized again by the produce department in Publix.

That's not to say that I won't be shopping at Publix.... Because I heart every thing else that they sell.  And I have 27 reusable bags sitting in the back seat of my car that are dying to be used.

And just to give you fair warning.... I plan to spend the majority of the summer eating fresh veggies and grilled shrimp and dancing The Robot in the back yard.

But that doesn't mean that my posts will get boring.  Because, we are the Snyders, don't ya know... and things are NEVER boring around here.

Except for when I post about food eleventy millions days straight.

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