The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Sunday, April 24, 2011


My heart is so full.  My belly is even fuller.  I'm exhausted.

Those symptoms could only mean one thing.... I have had an absolutely wonderful day.

A day full of celebration and thankfulness!

It all started with a visit to church. 

In our Sunday best.  Our coordinated Sunday best.  A requirement for Easter. 

At least that is what I told Kev.

And he believed me. 

I think he secretly loves it.

After church, we had an invite to my sister's home for an Easter feast and an egg hunt.

Being invited to Shannon and Randy's is a guarantee for a fabulous afternoon.

And a promise for some good food.

(My left hand is still ON FIRE from all the jalapenos..... I apparently cannot learn my lesson)

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by this little pup... Lucy.

Little Abigail hasn't been the only baby welcomed to this family.  Their beagle, Little Bit, had five puppies recently...

We spent a lot of time playing with the pups and hanging out with family.

 And enjoying the beautiful weather.

The hosts.... Shannon and Randy..

Mom and Dad...

Sweet princess Abigail with her Daddy...
And then I pretty much stopped taking pictures.  For some unknown reason.  And the rest of the attendees are undocumented.

But just so you know.... Kev's parents, Randy's parents, and Randy's sister and family were also there.

We had the most delicious food.  And I ate more than my share.  Times one thousand.  I couldn't help myself. 

Right now I am feeling the same way I felt after the "great face stuffing incident at the Food and Wine Festival last October".

But it was worth it.  :)

After lunch the kids participated in an egg hunt.  Even little Abigail was able to find a couple of eggs with the help of her Dad. 

We left late in the day with our arms full of Easter treats.

And the need for a good long nap.

I've got a VERY loooonnnggg week ahead of me.  In Raleigh.  So, you may not be hearing from me that much.

I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. :)

But before I run off to pack.... I have to leave you with some pictures of our Easter outfits.... because I know that you are dying to see them.
See... my yellow flower matches Kev's yellow shirt.  We look like a Spring bouquet.

And then just because Kev claims that he smiles better when he stands up... I have another one....

We hope you all had an amazing Easter!!


  1. Um hello. You look awesome! You need to take pictures of yourself more often. I LOVE your outfit! You look very springy! love, Carrie

  2. Thanks SO much Carrie!! I really appreciate it!:)