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Friday, April 15, 2011


Wow!  What a week! 

This week has been intense. 

Good.  But intense.

And by intense... I mean busy. 

"Busy" just doesn't sound as dramatic.

Highlights of the week: 

1. A fabulous two hour power nap on Wednesday. 

2. A wedding dress shopping trip ( which Shannon officially decided on today!!). 

3. A dinner of (healthy) shrimp scampi that I ate on for four days.  (Shrimp that has been in the fridge for four days = I'm always up for a challenge) 

4. Getting back to yoga after missing the class for two weeks.  I can't ever go that long again... my body had forgotten how to bend.

5.  Having a stranger ask me if the reason I was wearing a huge yellow flower on my jacket was because it was my birthday.  To which I replied... "No, kind sir, it is because I have an obsession with over sized accessories - and wearing lots of them at one time."

Except for I didn't say "kind sir".

Low lights of the week:

1.  Not having any wedding donuts to eat.

2.  Having to take a nap because I haven't slept for days.  It seems the caffeine was NOT the reason for my insomnia.

3.  Missing multiple gym classes.

4.  Eating a rotten orange.  By accident.

5.  Drinking lemon mold. 

On my way out of work today, I grabbed my beloved Chick-fil-a cup.
 That had been full of water with lemon.

A week ago.

You see, I grabbed what I thought was my current cup. 

And took a sip from it as I was driving home.

Which resulted in the WORST taste in my mouth EVER!

I quickly took off the lid to look inside.

And discovered this...
Two completely covered in mold lemons.  Floating in a thick gooey lemon water residue.

I dry heaved.

And then cried.

But made sure to carry it in the house and get a picture. 

It proves the strength of my stomach.  It can truly withstand anything.  Even though it hurts right now.

I have officially learned my lesson to throw out my old cups before getting a new one.

I have also learned that I don't like lemon in my water any more.

Now I am off to get some sleep.... because I've got a big weekend ahead.

It involves a baby shower, crab cakes, grill night, and the grand opening of biggest Farmer's Market in the SOUTHEAST!!  Or at least that is what they said on the news.  And it is right down the street from me. 

Gaston rocks!!  Finally.

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