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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tanner Tot Casserole

Yes, I just named a casserole after my new nephew.

Yes, he should consider it quite an honor.

Yes, this casserole was pretty fantastic.

Just like he is!

 I mentioned yesterday when announcing Caroline's arrival that we had also had a dinner celebration in honor of Tanner's birth.

It involved tater tots because his nickname is "Tanner Tot".

But these weren't just any ole tots.  They were made of SWEET POTATOES! 
 Holy healthy (er) food!!

Proof that if you look hard enough ( even though they were easy to find) you can replace the majority of your unhealthy favorites with the good stuff.

Not only did I find these sweet puffs of yum.... but I also found a "re-make" of my favorite meal as a child.

It was on Mama Pea's blog: Peas and Thank You.

Mama Pea is a vegan and makes the most delicious meals you can think of.

So, I took a couple of her ideas and a couple of my ideas and merged them in to one.

My version was definitely not vegan ( I used grass fed beef) but it was a MUCH healthier version of the original.

I cooked the beef and then added the carrots, peas, onion, and celery.... along with some veggie broth.
 I let it all simmer in the pot for a little bit ( basically following Mama Pea's instructions) and then poured it in a 13 x 9 dish.


I covered the ingredients with the sweet potato puffs and baked on 375 for 45 minutes.

It was fantastic!!  I'm telling you those "puffs" were sent from heaven.  SO GOOD!

They would also be incredible just as a side to a sandwich... with a bit of ketchup.

Or if ketchup is a little too boring for you... you could eat them with this...

 And that is just what we did.  Actually we put the hot sauce on the casserole... but I am willing to dip just about anything in that stuff.


And for the record... the meal would have been just as good.. if not better... without the meat.  It could be one big veggie pot pie.

Now if only Tanner could come to our next party.  Of course, that would mean that a miracle happened and Alaska moved closer to South Carolina.

So, until I either win the lottery... or Alaska floats around to the East coast... every time that I eat a tot I will have to celebrate him in his absence.

I'm sure when he grows up he will be thrilled to know I did this.

Either that or he will think his Aunt is a wack-a-doodle.

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  1. Tanner Tot is absolutely adorable!! The name fits him perfectly. Dad and I are having such a wonderful visit with him and Holly. It is so neat that he was born in Alaska!! Love, mom (alias Tanner's Nana)