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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blasts From The Past

Kev and I love to share stories of when we were kids.

Things we did.  Toys we played with.  What we daydreamed about.

I daydreamed about boys and clothes.

I know this because I wrote it down in a book that my Mom just gave me.

And because that is pretty much all I ever day dream about.

Oh.  And, of course, food.

Both of our parents have been cleaning out attics and storage units and closets and have been giving us some of our childhood possessions.

Meet Chewbacca.

He has officially become my new playmate.

Especially when the power goes out and there is nothing to do except to take pictures of Kev's toys wearing hats.

Out of the huge bag of toys and such... I became smitten with Chewey. 

I love(d) Star Wars - (hello!  I just went to a Sci Fi convention) ( well, it was really more of a tv/movie convention) (should I be embarrassed?)

Which means that I loved Chewbacca. 

But I never had this "doll".  Even though we grew up around the same time ( I'm TWO years younger!) and had similar toys.

Nor have I ever seen it.

It required a googling - which informed me that it was made in 1977, is missing a bandoleer, and is selling for $99.95 on ebay.


Except for how could I ever part with such a thing... not to mention that it is not mine to part with.

I just like to know what my house guests are worth.

For the record, I google anyone that comes to stay with me.

I'm a business woman.  It's what I do.

Chewey probably wishes he could have stayed packed up in a box forever.

Instead of being forced to attend my tea parties....
(Which I believe he secretly loves)

And posing amongst our rain forest...

Have I mentioned that our dining room has officially turned in to a green house?  Because it has.

Which fortunately happens to be a perfect home for a wookie.

The other fabulous thing that Mary gave us was this scrapbook.

She has been working on it for over a year.  It takes a long time to chronicle Kev's life.

Especially since there is so much cuteness...

I have spent so much time looking through this treasure!  It is like I'm savoring every page not wanting it to end.

The love she put in to it is amazing.  Stories, hidden notes, hundreds and hundreds of pictures... I'm telling you that every detail is covered.  And appreciated.

Except for some heinous pictures of me.  Like ones that are unrecognizable.  Like I don't even remember them being taken.  Like I wish they never were.

I hope they don't fall out of the book.

And then there are the pics that I love because they show how simple things used to be.

Like this makeshift high chair...

A wooden stool on a kitchen chair.

100% safe in 1971. 

Of course, Kev pointed out that it was just o.k for him because he was such a well behaved, calm child.

Some of us wouldn't haven't faired so well.  Cough.  Cough.  Bethany.  Cough.

In other news...

Today is the first day of FALL!!! You better believe we celebrated.  And I will tell you all about it... but right now I am watching my( majorly missed) television shows.  Because Fall brings the Fall tv line up.... and luckily it was just in time before I was sucked in to Summer Sci-Fi oblivion. 

Thank goodness for the scrapbook.  It got me through some pretty boring days.

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