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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pina Coladas, Pizzas, and Pumpkin

Yes, I just alliterated.  Again.

Which sounds very unlady-like.  But isn't.

I have this bizarre need to find three things in my story that all start with the same letter and then put them in the title.

And I usually end up spending WAY more time on it than is truly necessary. 

Titles are harder to come up with than you would think.

But today's was easy.  Because it involved food.  And me + food = soulmates.

My day started off with a workout.

A workout in the BEST WEATHER!

Great weather means that I spend more time outdoors.  And when you are outdoors the workouts are so much more fun.  You can get creative and change things up a bit.

I did my usual walking lunges.  But I would stop at the other side of the yard - then RUN back and do thirty jumping jacks before I started lunging again.

I did that three times.  And boy can I feel it now.

I also turned to the side and did walking squats.  While I was boxing the air.  It was extremely ungraceful and probably painful to watch.

At least that is the impression that I got from Kev when he said he saw me working out.

But I did it.  And sweated like a pole cat even though it was so chilly.

After my arm workout and a couple of leg presses (indoors), I enjoyed my breakfast of iced coffee with whey protein mixed in.

Some say "breakfast of champions".  Some say "breakfast of weirdos".

I just drank it up and got ready for the big lunch extravaganza.

Today we were celebrating.

Celebrating Mary's ( Kev's Mom) birthday.  She was out of town last weekend... so we invited her over for lunch.

And it was the perfect time to grill some pizzas ( our new favorite past time).

Specifically, one involving fig preserves.
We had been watching The Pioneer Woman's NEW Cooking show ( love it!!) and she had done a fig, proscuitto, and arugula pizza.

I passed out and died and then licked my lips until they were chapped.

(Ew.  That sounds gross!)

And decided I would HAVE to make it soon or I would not survive.

So, make it we did.  Along with three other pizzas......
A picture of all the ingredients we used.  Including a two paged to-do list of prep instructions.  It was very time consuming but totally worth it.

The main thing is to just be very organized.  Prep as much as you possibly can in advance.  And make sure you have married a Little Caesar's pizza making professional.

It truly helps in the long run.

Our stars of the show.....
Fig, Proscuitto, Arugula Pizza

Pepperoni with Peppers and Onions
Tomato + Basil

BBQ Chicken, Gouda, Carmelized Onions
OH.MY.GOODNESS.  Party in my mouth!

I had a slice of each.  And loved each one... however, the bbq ended up being my favorite!  We even used bbq sauce ( From Syracuse!) as the "sauce".  It was yum-tastic!

The fig preserves pizza was pretty great too.  It was a taste explosion but light.  Which means you can eat more of it if you feel it is necessary.

I always feel it is necessary to eat more.

Kev is truly the "grillin' machine".  He did an awesome job of pulling every thing together!

I'm already planning our next pizza cookout. 

It is for every day for the rest of my life.

And then there was dessert....

Praline Pumpkin Dessert.

Holy Yum!

It was Kev's idea for me to make a pumpkin dessert.  And as you know... I will never turn away pumpkin.  PLUS it just seemed like the right thing to do since the weather has changed and all.

It was super simple to make.  I served it with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon caramel (from Williams Sonoma!)

Do you think anyone will notice if I show up to work with a caramel mustache on my face?

Because I will probably be drinking the stuff from here on out.

A perfect end to a perfect day!

And now I'm just unpatiently waiting for my food to digest... so, I can go back for more.

I love days like this!

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  1. That sounds so yummy!! I might have to come over for some leftovers!! Love, Aunt Sandi