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Monday, September 26, 2011


That word pretty much sums up my whole day.

I got up late even though I didn't sleep.

Which forced me to eat my breakfast in the car.  A bowl of cereal.

Thank goodness runny eggs and toast were off the menu this morning.

But only because I was making eggs for dinner.

My day was busy and weirdly hectic.  And unbelievably long. 

It was as if time had stopped.

Maybe because I needed to run tonight.

Which I did. 

And I, fortunately, discovered that there are songs on my Ipod that do not inspire me like I thought they would......  I need to correct that before I get to Florida.

The grocery store was next.  Which I entered gross and sweaty per usual.  I don't think that the Publix employees have ever had the pleasure of seeing me without a sweat circle on my back and stomach and smeared mascara.

Lucky them.

I arrived home at 8pm.  Just in time for dinner.  Except for that there was nothing to eat because I was making it.

My plan for dinner was a Greek Frittata.

Inspired by a Williams Sonoma frittata starter that I received back in June in "the gift basket of gloriousness and delight".

It was roasted red peppers and kalamata olives.

Poured in to 10 eggs and topped with feta.
I poured it in the pan with all hopes of creating the perfect frittata.

But at this point in my day... I.WAS.STARVING.

I've got to do a better job of re-fueling after a workout.  Once I reach this point of starvation... I go in to crazy mode.

Crazy wild boar mode.  The mode in which I tear a large chunk off of a loaf of freshly baked bread and hover in the corner while shoving it in my mouth and swallowing without chewing.

And then I lost all patience and started scrambling the eggs.

No pretty baked masterpiece.... but a scrambled egg mess.

But boy, let me tell you... it was so yummy!  It didn't even matter what it looked like, how I cooked it, or the fact that I should name the following picture "yellow".

I served it on a bed of fresh spinach with a side of fruit.


And I felt so much better after I ate.

But the night didn't end there.  Because next on my list was cleaning the kitchen, packing lunches, and cooking dinner for the next two nights.

I've set aside my Monday evenings to get a head start on meals for the week.  That way if I'm running late from the gym (or work), dinner just needs to be heated up.

The first thing on my chore list was to refill my olive oil bottle.  Which I did.  And then promptly dropped it on the floor.

Without the lid on it.

And preceded to not only oil up the tile in my kitchen... but I also greased up my running shoes.

I'm hoping it will make me run faster.

Kev stared at me for a minute in disbelief.  And then just jumped right in like an old pro that is used to cleaning up ridiculous messes from his wife.

And actually, he is.

When it was all said and done... my kitchen floor has never looked so good.  I should oil it more often. 

Or at least sweep and mop it.

I would NOT be a good person to hire to clean your house.  I'm just sayin'.

But Kev would be.  In case you are looking for someone.

He also washed all the dishes.  Packed the lunches.  Cleaned the counters.  And pulled every thing together just in time to watch me knock some chopped sweet potato to the floor.

The sweet potato is for a chili that I'm making.  I am planning to make a different soup every week for as many weeks as I can before I get tired of it.  And not only because I love soup.  But because I can make a big batch, freeze half, and have a last minute meal at the ready.

Not to mention that they are super healthy.  At least the ones that I make.

I am now showered (finally!).... sitting on the couch watching new Fall tv (yay!)... blogging ( obviously)... and am absolutely dead on my feet.

And Kev just had to remind me that I had something on the stove.  Because I had already forgotten and had cooked it 30 minutes longer than I was supposed to.

Good thing it is chili.  There is not much you can do to ruin that.

I believe I'm about to be forced to take an early bedtime.  I'm sure it is the best thing for every one.

Good Night!

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