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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kooking With Kim - A Recap of May

For those of you who have just started reading this blog... I know how to spell "cooking" but choose to spell it with a "k" to show my creativity and cleverness in making words match my name. Also, if you remember correctly - it is the name of the cooking show that I will eventually host on public access cable tv in Gaston. Right after the "How to communicate with a turkey" show and before the "how to change a tire on a mobile home" mini-series.

We are a solid community here. And do whatever we can to help others.

So, I realize that I haven't posted a lot about cooking lately - and to be honest - it has been a slow month. We have been eating take-out a little more than usual. And with all there is to celebrate in May - we've been eating in actual restaurants. Actual restaurants with the public.

I can't tell you how difficult it is to eat supper in anything other than pajamas.

And to eat any way other than caveman style. My style of choice.

That all being said - I did manage to get some good meals out of the month. And much to the delight of my sister ( not naming names but starts with a B) I will recap the menus with pictures for you.

( My sister whose name starts with a B doesn't particularly care for stories about cooking and prefers to eat all of her meals in a fairy tale setting with characters by her side. She also hasn't aged in years even though she has had multiple birthdays. It must be something about living in Orlando)

Meal #1 - Pioneer Woman's POT ROAST

I have made pot roast more times than you can jump rope without messing up. That could mean as little as one time or as many as 30. It depends on how talented you are. The point is that I have made pot roast multiple times. Always in a crock pot. Always the same way. Until I met ( stalked) Pioneer Woman.

She makes hers in a Dutch Oven ( on a stove - not in the bed) and I was intrigued. I saw the recipe in her fabulous cookbook - but didn't decide to make it until I watched her on Good Morning America. She was preparing the roast for the hosts of the show. And it looked scrumptious.

And so easy.

It is basically the same concept as the crock pot. Just throw a couple of things in to the pot and stick in the oven. Except for this one included HERBS. Fresh herbs. My new found love. I'm embarrassed to say that I have used dried herbs for years and years. And completely disregarded the "fresh" part of the recipe. But not any more. Fresh is the way to go for sure.
It makes me feel special to buy them. I may or may not even smell the package a little just to give the impression I know what I am doing.
This pot roast called for rosemary and thyme.
Three hours later....
It was divine. Trust me.
Meal #2 - Jambalaya

#1. The picture is gross. Sorry folks.
#2. I made WAY TOO MUCH for my family of two. Resulting in a week's worth of leftovers. Lesson learned.
#3. I added sausage this time. It was pretty good.
#4. I love to number things.
#5. The fun part of this meal was that I made mini parmesan sticks out of phyllo dough, fresh parm and paprika. And then put them in a glass to make us feel fancy.
And yes, it worked....
Meal #3 - CINNAMON TOAST - Pioneer Woman.

I can't even begin to tell you how yummy this was. Like super caramelized sugary, cinnamony (yes, it's a word), buttery goodness.
It is definitely a process - but totally worth it.
Something that my sister, B, would LOVE. Even though she doesn't like toast!
Who in the world doesn't like toast?? It's just not normal.

And then we come to MEAL #4 - my childhood favorite.
Hamburger and French Fry Casserole....
I got this idea from Laura. My SIL. She posted a childhood favorite recipe - one that she had made for Dave. And it got me craving my childhood fave.
I mean - we are talking hamburgers and french fries. With cheese. In one big dish.
Why it is not every one's favorite, I'll never know.
I decided to gourmet it up a little though. For the sake of my reputation.
I added fresh mushrooms, onions, and all kinds of spices. Other than that it is hamburger meat, french fries, cheddar cheese, and cream of mushroom soup.

It is the best comfort food. And makes me think of childhood, family, love, warmth, happiness and cholesterol.
Add some peas and some Sister Schuster's Yeast Rolls - and you've got a reason to high five your loved ones.

But I couldn't leave it at that... I had to add my childhood favorite dessert.
Lemon Pie.
Every summer, my Mom used to let each of us pick our favorite dessert to make. We would take our turns making our dessert to share with the rest of the family. I always chose lemon. Without meringue - of course. ( Meringue is such a waste of mouth and tummy space. I don't get it. )
This pie is tart, sweet, smooth, cold, refreshing and satisfying.
I even squeezed fresh lemons to make it.

I can taste it in my imagination just by looking at this pic. It is that powerful.
So, that pretty much wraps up my month in the kitchen. But never fear... I've got plenty of ideas and recipes to get back on track.
And I'm sure you are waiting with baited breath to hear about them....


  1. OH. MY. If you can get me the hamburger and french fry casserole recipe...I think my husband might start doing his only you know how awesome that would be???

  2. FYI...He was nicknamed "french fry" as a child...and he is SO scared for Elizabeth that I have to sneak her french fries when he isnt around because he is convinced she would commit to ONLY each french fries until she was 18...just like he did. BUT he would LOVE this recipe!