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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I bought four dozen today after work.

FOUR dozen.

I usually only get two dozen at a time.  But they were on sale. 

In case you didn't know... I HEART eggs.

But you do know.  Because I talk about them all the time.

Kev is still in shock that I was able to go four days without eating them... when we were in Atlanta.

It probably helped that I had a picture of one in my wallet that I could pull out whenever I got the craving.

Yikes.  Did I really just type that?

Speaking of Atlanta.... I've got more pictures.  And lucky for you they will probably be the last...

This one is for you, Bethany.....

I can't believe that I had the courage to take this one.  Jason does just happen to be ( and still is!) my number one enemy!  And this guy played the part well.  Except for the sign, of course.  As a matter of fact, I think the sign is what helped me get the courage to pose with him.

And yes, that is supposed to be my "scared" face.

I never claimed to be a good actress.

The Old Spice Guy....
Wayne's World.  Party on.
and Bert from Mary Poppins...
I can't tell you enough how amazing the costumes were!  Such a fun night!

Enough about that... this post is about eggs, after all.  And there was a reason that I bought four dozen of them today.

 We were having breakfast for dinner. 

Because I needed another reason to make these potatoes.  For the seventeenth time this month.

Except for it has been more like three.

I just wish it was seventeen.

Because they are just that awesome.

Parmesan Roasted Potatoes.

 They are sooooo good.  And super simple. 

And really, really good.

And did I mention yummy.

You can pretty much use them as a side with anything.

Or just eat a bowl of them by themselves.  Like Kev is doing tomorrow.

The ONLY thing that I do differently is instead of paprika... I use this...

 Only the greatest seasoning I have ever met.

It's from a place in Syracuse.

A place I've mentioned before.

I'm going there soon.

To Syracuse.

To meet a precious angel.

But that's a story for another time.

I've served the potatoes multiple times with multiple main dishes.... but never as "hashbrowns".  And they suddenly sounded like the perfect accompaniment to eggs.

Specifically, omelets.

Because I also needed an excuse to use my new toy that Kev surprised me with.

Behold the omelet maker...

 Is it just me or are omelets extremely hard to make.  The whole flipping thing gets me every time.  And then they end up just scrambled.

You basically pour three beaten eggs in to the dish.  Microwave it for two minutes.  Throw in the toppings.  Microwave it 45 seconds.  Close it up and dump it on the plate.

I put sauteed green pepper, green onions, fresh spinach leaves, and salt and pepper inside.

And served it up with my favorite potatoes.

A winning combination.

Please make these potatoes.  You won't regret it.

Especially, the crunchy bits that stick to the pan.

Well, enough about that... I've got an early morning date with a yoga mat.

And a date with a  mid night snack of potatoes.

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